H-55 Rosvo

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H-55 Rosvo

Type Pump-action shotgun
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 1955-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 1955
Manufacturer Rosvo Sporting Arms
Unit cost $250
Produced 1955-present
Length 1,280 mm (50 in)
Barrel length 700 mm (28 in)

Cartridge 12 gauge,
Action Pump-action
Effective range 23 m (25 yd)
Feed system 4+1 internal tube magazine
Sights Tritium express iron sights

The H-55 Rosvo is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun designed for law enforcement, defence, sporting and hunting purposes. It is widely used by civilians across Astronea and Altsea, and is popular with police and military personnel for riot control and close-quarters fighting.

The H-55 has been in service with the Astronean Armed Forces for 40 years, and is widely exported as a surplus weapon which is still being manufactured to this day.


The H-55 features a bottom-loading, side ejecting receiver, tubular magazine under the barrel, dual action bars, internal hammer, and a bolt which locks into an extension in the barrel. It uses a wooden stock and pistol grip, cushioned by a rubber buttstock that is lable to harden after decades of use. The pump-action itself is simple to manipulate, featuring no complex controls. The trigger is single stage, only squeezable when the pump has been cycled and the weapon's striker is primed.

The trigger assembly, which includes the trigger, hammer, sear, and trigger body with guard, can be removed by pushing out one retaining pin and pulling downwards on the guard (if a pistol grip is installed, it usually must be removed first as virtually all such grips obstruct the removal of the trigger body). The elevator can be removed by putting the gun on safety and squeezing the sides together, freeing the pivot pins from the receiver. The fore-end can then be moved to the rear, allowing the bolt and bolt carrier to drop out, and then the forend can be removed by moving it forward. The cartridge stop and interrupter will then fall free, leaving just the ejector and the safety in the receiver, held in by screws. The magazine spring and follower may be removed by unscrewing the tube from the receiver. This level of field stripping is sufficient to allow all components to be cleaned.

A button safety is located on the receiver, just above the trigger. Disengaging it requires the H-55's user to remove their finger from the trigger, and engaging is done on the left side of the receiver. Doing so will disengage the striker from the trigger group, but will not prevent the pump from cycling. This allows the user to eject multiple rounds from the shotgun without engaging the action.

Production H-55s for over 30 years had a design whereby a user could fail to press a shell all the way into the magazine when loading such that the shell latch did not engage the shell, and such actions could tie up the gun. This was caused by the shell which slipped out of the magazine under the bolt in the receiver to bind the action, requiring rough treatment of the action or even disassembly to clear by the uninitiated.


H-10 Rosvo[edit]

H-10 Rosvo
H-10 Rosvo combat shotgun

The H-10 is a modern version of the H-55 pump-action shotgun customized for military and police use. Designed as a modular combat shotgun, it features an adjustable stock, piccatiny rail, foregrip, pistol light mount, breaching choke and external shell holders. It is designed for use in close-quarters, dynamic entry and breaching. Like its predecessor, the H-10 is able to load a variety of shells, including slug, buckshot, flechette, 12G fragmentation and less-lethal beanbags and rubber pellets. In military use it is issued to soldiers fighting in urban environments, as well as Special Forces.