Greater Véragyőr

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Greater Véragyőr
Country Granzery
Capital cityVéragyőr
 • Total165,209.25 km2 (63,787.65 sq mi)
 • Total34,079,315
HDI (2018)0.937

Greater Véragyőr (Granzerian: Nagy-Véragyőr) is one of the seven statistical provinces in Granzery, it includes the cities of Véragyőr, Mejetet and Sejpedek as well as the counties of Hűségesvár, Ács, Nagykanizsa, Sajószentpéter, Kecel, Isaszeg, Karacsonko and Zombor. It is the largest province in Granzery in terms of population, with a population of over 34 million.


Greater Véragyőrs subregions

Cities and Counties of Greater Véragyőr[edit]

Subregion Type Area Population Population Density
Véragyőr City 4,752.28 km2 (1,834.87 sq mi) 10,501,147 2,209.71/km2
Ács County 29,595.48 km2 (11,426.88 sq mi) 5,311,837 179.48/km2
Hűségesvár County 30,728.81 km2 (11,864.46 sq mi) 2,534,760 82.49/km2
Karacsonko County 22,357.60 km2 (8,632.32 sq mi) 4,115,424 184.07/km2
Sajószentpéter County 18,493.95 km2 (7,140.55 sq mi) 1,902,052 102.8/km2
Kecel County 14,771.98 km2 (5,703.49 sq mi) 1,843,130 124.77/km2
Sejpedek City 12,646.98 km2 (4,883.03 sq mi) 1,755,016 138.77/km2
Zombor County 10,534.86 km2 (4,067.53 sq mi) 1,716,020 162.89/km2
Nagykanizsa County 9,517.43 km2 (3,674.70 sq mi) 1,709,301 179.59/km2
Mejetet City 3,567.42 km2 (1,377.39 sq mi) 1,420,703 398.24/km2
Isaszeg County 8,242.43 km2 (3,182.42 sq mi) 1,269,925 154.07/km2


Greater Véragyőr is the richest and most developed region of the country. The unemployment rate stood at 2.7% in 2017 and was much lower than the national and the Vesperian average.