Granzerian People's Army

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Granzerian People's Army
Grozyar Néphadsereg (GZNH)
Founded1 June 1952
Disbanded14 March 1971
HeadquartersVéragyőr, Granzery
Premier of the Granzerian Democratic RepublicSergei Acéloz
Reaching military
age annually
(401,000 (1969))
CSPA tank parade in Prague on Victory Day, 9 May 1985.

The Granzerian People's Army was the armed forces of the Granzerian Red Workers Party (PMP) and the Granzerian Democratic Republic from 1952 until 1971.


Ground Forces[edit]

Air Force[edit]



The Granzerian People's Army was distinct within the Vastava Pact as having the largest amount of indigenous military equipment, this was for multiple reasons. Granzery had the second largest industrial base in the Vastava Pact after Second Great War, and much of its industry remained mostly intact after the wars end. In addition, defections from Granzery to the west in the 1950s were very common, thus the Stasnovan government was reluctant to provide Granzery with blueprints for much of its newest equipment.

Ground Forces[edit]

Tanks Origin Type Versions In service Notes
T-57AG  Stasnov Granzery Granzery Main battle tank AG, AG-2, AG-3 7,000+ (1969)
T-62  Stasnov Main battle tank 168
APC/AFC Origin Type Versions In service Notes
GHJ-1  Stasnov IFV 480
KKPS-64 Granzery Granzery APC 6,390
PSZ-60  Stasnov Granzery Granzery APC 620
PR-64 Granzery Granzery Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle 1,600
BRDM-1  Stasnov Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle 500

Air and Air Defence Forces[edit]

Model Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Juhasz Jz-3 Granzery Granzery Fighter 320 16 for training
Sovány Sv-9  Stasnov Granzery Granzery Interceptor 170
Vetrov-Kazakov VeK-21  Stasnov Fighter 70
Juhasz Jz-19  Stasnov Granzery Granzery Fighter 80+
Sovány Sv-6 Granzery Granzery Ground-Attack 120
Sovány Sv-22  Stasnov Granzery Granzery Attack 190+ 49 Single-Seat, 8 Training
Pék Pé-98 Granzery Granzery Medium Utility/Attack Helicopter 362
Pék Pé-12 Granzery Granzery Light Utility/Recon 112
Pék Pé-4  Stasnov Granzery Granzery Transport 58
Sovány Sv-39 Granzery Granzery Training 257+