Granzerian Partisans (1945-47)

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Granzerian resistance movement
Participant in Operation Luna and Second Great War
A member of the Granzerian resistance in 1945.
ActiveMost active 1945–1947
Generally anti-fascism
Mainly various forms of communism, socialism, and anarchism;
Republicanism and liberalism

The Granzerian resistance movement (Granzerian: Grozyar ellenállás mozgás or just Az Ellenállás) was a loose group of antifascist partisans and resistance fighters during the Second Great War opposed to the fascist Granzerian government. They were most active from 1945 to 1947, and caused significant damage to the Granzerian wartime economy by bombing factories and railways during the course of the war. During Operation Luna, Granzerian partisans attached to Stasnovan rifle divisions to combat and eventually overthrow the Granzerian state.

Alongside civilian agitators and combatants, members of the Granzerian army itself defected to what was styled the Granzerian Free Army, and in total the Granzerian resistance fighters boasted some 750,000+ members in 1947, and were critical in the ultimate defeat of the Granzerian fascist regime during the second great war.