Granzerian Civil War

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Granzerian Civil War

Clockwise from top: Republican Artillery; Imperial Troops in Veraglia; Republican Troops in Csongrád; Republican soldiers in Veraglia after the cessation of hostilities.
Date 30 November 1904 – 5 August 1907
(2 years, 8 months and 6 days)
Location Granzery
Result Republican Victory
  • Exile of the Monarchy to Stasnov
  • Implementation of Democracy in the Grozyar Republic
Imperial Granzery Imperials Granzery Republic Republicans Communists
Commanders and leaders
Imperial Granzery István VII Granzery Republic Razvan Magyar Bela Pető
Bence László Petőcs
~ 1,500,000
~ 270,000
Casualties and losses
92,094 (dead)
~250,000 (wounded, sick or missing)
~150,000 (dead)
~300,000 (wounded, sick or missing)
~90,000 killed, wounded or missing
Estimated 50,000 Civilians killed and 2,000,000 Civilians displaced.

The Granzerian Civil War (Granzerian: Grozyar Polgárháború), was an armed conflict that began on November 30 in Csongrád. The two main combatants of the conflict were the Republican Army of the Granzerian Republic under Razvan Magyar, and the Imperial and Provincial Armies of the Granzerian Empire under Emperor István VII. The major armed struggle lasted from April 1905 to the end of the war, with the phase from 1904 to April 1905 referred to as the pre-conflict or insurrectionary phase.

The causes of the Granzerian Civil War are disputed, however it is generally agreed that the war was influenced by the loss of Granzerian colonies in the far east, the ensuing economic and political crisis in the Granzerian Empire led to a failure of the Granzerian state to pay their soldiers and widespread discontent. In 1904, an anarchist revolutionary assassinated Emperor Ferenc II using a gunpowder bomb. The ensuing crackdown on various anti-monarchist groups is also seen to be directly responsible for the outbreak of war.


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