Gorbatov Embassy Massacre

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Gorbatovic Embassy Massacre
Part of Granzerian War
Date12 November 1970; 53 years ago (1970-11-12)
  • Members of the Embassy of Gorbatov in Granzery
Attack typeTerrorism
Deaths17 military casualties
36 hostages
PerpetratorsGranzerian National Front

The Gorbatovic Embassy Massacre (sometimes called the Gorbatovic Embassy Siege) refers to the occupation of the Embassy for Gorbatov in Véragyőr, Granzery. The attack occurred during a series of uprisings across Granzery, primarily located in Véragyőr itself. For one week the Granzerian National Front members who had seized the embassy attempted to negotiate with the Gorbatovic and Stasnovan governments, promising the release of the diplomatic staff for the withdrawal of all VP forces from Granzery. After a week the Gorbatovic embassy was set ablaze with all the hostages still within.




At 7:15 in the morning on November 12, 1971, several hundred Granzerian National Front insurgents armed with firearms, knives, clubs and explosives, stormed the Gorbatovic embassy after having captured much of downtown Véragyőr. The Gorbatovic troops defending the embassy were quickly overwhelmed, the seventeen of the troops were killed in the fighting or executed soon after the fact. The diplomatic staff inside the embassy were then taken hostage and bound, with the occupiers of the embassy demanding the withdrawal of all Vastava Pact forces from Granzery in exchange for the hostages lives. Efforts were made by the Granzerian People's Army with the assistance of Gorbatovic Proletarian Liberation Army airborne troops to retake the embassy, however the brutal urban asymmetrical fighting of the capital made efforts to relieve the embassy fruitless.

After the deadline of a week had passed the Granzerian National Front declared that the hostages would be executed. Despite pleas by the Stasnovan ambassador to negotiate, Granzerian National Front insurgents vacated the embassy and utilized molotov cocktails to set the embassy aflame. The fire quickly spread throughout the embassy and as the fire consumed the second floor where the captive staff remained bound, the staff were burned alive

The only survivor, an intern by the name of Ivan von Benisgorod, suffered third-degree burns but escaped by cutting his bindings and climbing out of a second floor window. He was apprehended by GNF fighters and then was taken to an unknown location, tortured, and shot dead. His body was smuggled out of Véragyőr and dumped outside of a Gorbatovic forward operating base north of Véragyőr. Around his neck was a placard with a note that read "Invaders will be brought to justice" and "Kravchenko will be next."


International Reactions[edit]

  •  Granzery - After the defeat of the National Front at the hands of the Republican Army, the newly appointed Granzerian president Mihály Meggyesfalvi issued an apology to the families of the victims of the attack, however refused to extend any apologies or recognition of the attack to the Gorbatovic government until receiving an official acknowledgement of war crimes committed in Granzery by Gorbatov. A monument was erected north of Véragyőr where bon Benisgorod's body was found to commemorate those killed in the attack.