Foreign relations of Tenburg

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Summarized Relations[edit]

Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Tennish Ambassador Nation's Ambassador to Tenburg
 Acerria Neutral Yes Yes Grania Flanagan TBA
 Acronia Cordial Yes Yes Brendan McDonnell Sloan McNamara
 Lyonia Cordial Yes Yes Luian Mac Dumnall Renald Ikarian
 Ederland Friendly Yes No Conor Mac Donnchadh TBA
 Elesar Friendly Yes No Jacinta McMillan TBA
 Gorbatov Neutral Yes Yes Dermot O'Reilly Vadim Ivanovsky
 Huda Neutral TBA Yes Yes Fearghus Mac Domhnaill TBA
 Lavikona Neutral . Yes Yes Lorcan Quinn TBA
 Micsütem Neutral TBA Yes Yes Mick Canavan TBA
 Odentia Cordial Tenburg's RC-04 rifle is based off of Odentia's FR Mk.III. They enjoy a healthy trade relationship. Yes Yes Deirdre McGuinness TBA
 Ordia Neutral Yes Yes Nuala Ní Chadhla TBA
 Oskorev Neutral Yes Yes Joan Mc Namara TBA
 Granzery Friendly Tenburg is a member of the VSO and enjoys Granzerian military and economic cooperation. Yes No Ciara McShane Anton Orosz
 Stasnov Neutral Tenburg's recent entry to the VSO has worsened relations, but they have remained largely neutral. Yes Yes Sean O'Ryan Klavdiy M. Nenashev
 Vazandia Hostile Vazandia's backing of the Free Tennish Liberation Army has destroyed relations between the two nations. Yes Yes Ossian McDermott TBA
 Vilppula Neutral Yes Yes Maura Shannon TBD
Template:Country data Volgaria Friendly Tenburg and Volgaria share friendly relations as both neighbors and allies. Yes No Sean Shannon TBA
 Zolevskoy Neutral Despite Tenburg's cooperation with the VSO, Tenburg shares mostly neutral relations with Zolevskoy Yes Yes Eamon Shanahan Prodan Krasimirov