Foreign relations of Stasnov

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Summarized Relations[edit]

Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Stasnovan Ambassador Nation's Ambassador to Stasnov
 Acerria Neutral Acerria and Stasnov maintain largely neutral relations Yes Yes Matvei G. Savenkov TBA
 Acronia Friendly The relations between the two countries have generally been friendly after the VP-Entente reconciliation following the end of the Prabellum period. Yes Yes Lev P. Sevostyanov Jean-David Proulx
 Chilokver TBD TBD Yes Yes Kiril V. Malenkov TBA
 Ederland Neutral Despite being a member of the Véragyőr Security Organization, Stasno-Ardic relations remain largely neutral due to the lack of past conflicts and vast distance between the nations. Yes Yes Verka V. Kasharina TBA
 Elesar Hostile A founding member of the Véragyőr Security Organization and long-time Stasnovan geopolitical rival, Elesar's relations with Stasnov have remained hostile since the 70s crisis, even though there has been some improvement due to the VP-VSO detente. Yes Yes Eugeni A. Zhikin TBA
 Gorbatov Friendly Gorbatov has been Stasnov's longest standing, and after the reconciliation after the Stasno-Gorbatovic split of 1971, relations between the two nations have remained amicable. Yes No Inna Golubeva Dmitry Nesterov
 Lavikona Hostile Lavikona's defection from the VP in TBD remains relatively recent, and its membership in the VSO and far-right wing ultranationalist government have kept relations heavily hostile. Yes Yes Nikodim A. Surnin TBA
 Micsütem TBA TBA Yes Yes TBA TBA
 Odentia TBA TBA Yes Yes Lavro T. Yudashkin TBA
 Ordia Friendly Ordia has remained a close Stasnovan ally despite ideological difference, and relations between the countries remain cordial. Yes No Rodion G. Nosachyov TBA
 Oskorev Strained As a VSO member, Oskorev's relations with Stasnov remained strained. Yes Yes Viola A. Dudko TBA
 Granzery Strained Historical distrust and geopolitical conflict have kept relations between the two nations strained, but recent detente initiatives have aided to normalize relations. Yes Yes Sofya F. Vetrova József Rozgonyi
 Tenburg Neutral Tenburg's recent entry to the VSO has worsened relations, but they have remained largely neutral. Yes Yes Klavdiy M. Nenashev TBA
 Temischa Neutral Stasnov and Temischa maintain neutral relations Yes Yes Nadya A. Kalinina TBA
 Vazandia Hostile Historical hostility and perceived recent Vazandian expansionism in Tenburg have kept relations between the two countries hostile. Yes Yes Arkadiy A. Siyanov TBA
 Vilppula Neutral Stasnov and and Vilppula maintain largely neutral relations. Yes Yes Maksim T. Kiryanov TBD
Template:Country data Volgaria Neutral Stasnovan relations with Volgaria largely remained neutral due to lack of past conflicts. Yes Yes Pavel S. Korzhakov TBA
 Zolevskoy Strained Relations between Zolevskoy and Stasnov have been strained ever since the overthrow of the Zolevskoyan communist regime in 1986. Yes Yes Inga P. Dragunova Daniel Vanko