Foreign relations of Granzery

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Summarized Relations[edit]

Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Granzerian Ambassador Nation's Ambassador to Granzery
 Acerria Friendly Acerria is an observer state of the Véragyőr Security Organization and maintains cordial relations with Granzery. Yes Yes Tamara Pokorni TBA
 Acronia Friendly Granzery and Acronia maintain an economic partnership and cordial relations despite ideological and geopolitical differences. Yes Yes Rián Csupó Emmanuel Calais
 Ederland Friendly As a member of the Véragyőr Security Organization, Ederland maintains friendly relations with Granzery. Yes Yes Dénes Kalmár TBA
 Elesar Friendly Elesar is a close ally of Granzery and is a founding member of the VSO. Yes No Kornél Gábor TBA
 Gorbatov Hostile Granzerian relations with Gorbatov have not recovered following the Granzerian War, and events the Granzerian government still considers to be war-crimes. Yes Yes Máté Babits Ivan Kolčevská
 Lavikona Friendly Lavikona is a member of the VSO and a close economic and military partner of Granzery. Yes Yes Bendegúz Bollobás TBA
 Micsütem TBA TBA Yes Yes TBA TBA
 Odentia TBA TBA Yes Yes Hedvig Bottyán TBA
 Ordia Strained Territorial disputes and historical distrust has made relations between Ordia and Granzery tense. Yes Yes Stefánia Birtalan TBA
 Oskorev Friendly Oskorev and Granzery maintain close relations. Yes Yes Gáspár Dobay TBA
 Stasnov Strained Despite historical distrust and geopolitical conflict the Granzerian and Stasnovan governments maintain largely cordial relations with one another. Yes Yes József Rozgonyi Sofya F. Vetrova
 Tenburg Friendly Tenburg is a member of the VSO and enjoys Granzerian military and economic cooperation. Yes No Anton Orosz Ciara McShane
 Vazandia Strained Ongoing disputes in Tenburg have greatly damaged Granzo-Vazandian relations. Yes Yes Aladár Zsigmondi TBA
 Vilppula Friendly Vilppula and Granzery maintain friendly relations. Yes Yes Katalin Szatmary Károly Paasonen
Template:Country data Volgaria Friendly Volgaria is a founding member of the VSO, and is one of Granzery's closest allies, with extensive diplomatic, economic, scientific and military cooperation between the two nations. Yes No Eszter Pálffy TBA
 Zolevskoy Neutral Granzo-Zolevskoyan relations have been damaged by ongoing conflict between Zolevskoy and Lavikona. Yes Yes Ottó Kovács Nedelya Lubomirova