Foreign Relations of Ziridava

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Summarized Relations[edit]

Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Ziridavan Ambassador Nation's Ambassador to Ziridava
 Acronia Friendly Ziridava and Acronia share very close relations. Acronia is also a major supplier for the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces. Yes Yes Volen Ilianov Faustin Denesle
Template:Country data Adama Friendly Ziridava and Adama share close relations. Yes Yes Ilarion Denitsa Avinoam Yedidya
 Ahras Strained Yes Yes Veselin Yosif Ziya al-Din Amal
 Alainia Neutral Yes Yes Kiril Mitre Jamison Scott
 Antitanca Friendly Ziridava and Antitanca share close relations. Yes Yes Blagoy Mihail Vali Dănuț
 Ausferiland Strained Historical disputes have placed a strain on Zolev-Ausferilandian relations. As a result of the 2020 Zolev-Ausferilandian War and subsequent coup, Ausferiland has cut off all diplomatic relations with Ziridava, and remains hostile. No Yes N/A N/A
 Brytene Friendly Ziridava and Brytene share cordial relations. Yes Yes Kliment Polya Fenton Bridger
 Chilokver Friendly Ziridava and Chilokver share very close relations, with the latter being a major customer of the Ziridavan arms industry. Yes Yes Andrei Elena Nicholas Chung
Template:Country data Chionium Friendly Yes Yes Mitre Evlogi TBD
Template:Country data Dawla Strained Ziridava's cooperation with Siviras and Tiarna has strained relations. Dawla's status as a VSO member has also made the Ziridavan government distrustful. Yes Yes Dobroslav Atanas Khaled Ghulam
 Elesar Neutral Despite Elesar's alleged support for the Ziridava National Party, both states are generally not actively hostile to each other. Yes Yes Anka Mihaelova Maksim Yevheniy
 Estheria Strained Ziridava's support for New Cambria has strained relations with Estheria. Yes Yes Branimir Yakov Johna Tierney
 Gjevuri Strained Yes Yes Blagoslav Luben Ismet Kristaq
 Gorbatov Strained Relations between Ziridava and Gorbatov have been strained ever since the overthrow of the Ziridavan communist regime in 1987. Ziridava has also been critical of Gorbatov's past war crimes and human rights abuses. Yes Yes Sasho Karavelov Piotr Edeshko
 Granzery Neutral Despite the recent collapse of the VSO, relations between Ziridava and Granzery remain somewhat cold, with the latter commonly criticizing Ziridava's foreign policies. However, both governments have found common ground on various positions, such as affairs with Gorbatov. Yes Yes Nedelya Lubomirova Ottó Kovács
 Hiscuantina Strained Ziridava has been critical of Hiscuantina's regime ever since the fall of Ziridava's communist regime, creating a strained relation between the two states. Yes Yes Matey Chavdar TBD
 Huda Friendly Huda and Ziridava are both close partners. Ziridava is also a major supplier of the Hudian armed forces. Yes Yes Yosif Danielov Shahrukh Anant
 Lyonia Friendly As ABC Defense Etente partners, Ziridava and Lyonia share close relations. Yes Yes Ekaterina Radka Giovanni Severiano
 Merala Neutral Despite Meralas's cooperation with the Vastava Pact, both Ziridava and Merala share neutral relations. Yes Yes Vasko Ognyan Fidel Roberto
 New Cambria Friendly Ziridava has been a vocal supporter of New Cambria in it's disputes with Estheria. Yes Yes Belcho Boikov Vince Jacob
 Nha Trang Friendly Yes Yes Aleksandar Nayden TBD
 Odentia Friendly Ziridava and Odentia share warm relations with each other. Yes Yes Nikola Radomirov Randell Jérôme
 Ordia Strained The Kozelsk territorial dispute and Ordia's cooperation with the VP has sowed mistrust between Ziridava and Ordia. Yes Yes Blagun Georgiev Alexej Matúš
 Saegya Strained Ziridava's opposition to the Vastava Pact has put a strain on relations. Yes Yes Genadi Natanail TBD
File:Siviras flag.png Siviras Friendly Both Ziridava and Siviras share close relations, with both states often cooperating militarily and politically. Yes Yes Matey Viktor TBD
 Skanden Friendly Ziridava and Skanden share close relations. Yes Yes Trayan Blagoslav Halvdan Jørn
 South Kardzhali Friendly As one of the few countries to recognize the state, Ziridava maintains close relations with South Kardzhali. Yes Yes Tsvetko Kuzman Zlatan Ilija
 Stasnov Neutral Relations ever since the overthrow of the People's Republic have mostly been strained. However in recent times, relations between Ziridava and Stasnov have gradually warmed with both states increasing trade and diplomatic exchanges. Yes Yes Daniel Vanko Inga P. Dragunova
 Sytrica Neutral Yes Yes Grozdan Hristo Ljubomir Stjepan
Template:Country data Tangguria Neutral Ziridava and Tangguria share cordial relations. Yes Yes Vladislav Genadi TBD
 Temischa Friendly Temischa and Ziridava share very close relations, with both states cooperating economically and militarily very often. Yes Yes Borislava Viktor Augustin Césaire
 Tenburg Neutral Despite Tenburg's cooperation with the VSO, Ziridava shares mostly neutral relations with Tenburg Yes Yes Prodan Krasimirov Eamon Shanahan
Template:Country data Tiarna Friendly Yes Yes Stamen Tsvetko Galal Saif al-Din
 Trang Strained No Yes N/A N/A
 Vazandia Friendly Ziridava and Vazandia are close allies, with both states cooperating extensively. Vazandia is also a major supplier of the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces. Yes Yes Razvigor Ivov Friedemann Eckehard
 Verdesa Strained Ziridava and Verdesa's relations remained strained due to conflicting ideologies and alliances. Yes Yes Tzako Atanasov TBD
 Vilppula Friendly Ziridava and Vilppula share friendly relations. Yes Yes Zlatan Timotei Tiitus Vertti
Template:Country data Volka Friendly Yes Yes Todor Radko '

Aleksandar Nayden