Flag of Lipnitia

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Lipnitian Republic
UseNational flag
Adopted1 January 2000
DesignA horizontal tricolour of white, gold and red
File:Flag of Lipnitia (state).png
Variant flag of Lipnitia
UseState flag, civil and state ensign

The flag of Lipnitia (Lipnitian: Знамя Липнитской, Znamja Lipnitskoj) consists of a horizontal tricolour of white, gold and red. Prior to the 18th century, the flag was used as an ensign for Lipnitian merchant ships used interchangeably with a white-gold-black tricolour and the Lipnitian banner of arms. The flag was first adopted as a national flag after the abolition of the Korjuhovič dynasty in the 1730s.

As a part of the Sajuz, the Lipnitian flag was the triband was placed at the bottom of the Sajuz flag. In 1992, after the Sajuz dissolved, Lipnitia-Lubilia adopted a 1:2 flag split in half into the Lipnitian and Lubilian tricolors. In 2000, after the break-up of Lipnitia-Lubilia, the Lipnitian triband flag was re-adopted, with an aspect ratio of 3:5.