Fegyver És Motor Csoport

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Fegyver- és Motor Csoport (FÉMC)
IndustryDefense, Vehicles, HVAC, general manufacturing, (small arms)
Founded24 February 1891 (1891-02-24) in Csongrád
Area servedWorldwide
ProductsSmall arms, armoured vehicles, automobiles, Heating devices, water boilers and heaters, gas equipment, other HVAC products, (lamps, metalware)
ParentCT Industry Group

Fegyver- és Motor Csoport ("Arms and Motor Group"), known as FÉMC, is a Granzerian industrial conglomerate founded on 24 February 1891 in Csongrád. The company came under the ownership of CT Industry Group in 1998. Since the acquisition, FÉMC is one of the biggest exporters of HVAC products to the international markets in the Vesperian heating device industry. It is also the second largest defence company in Granzery, while its automobile FÉMC Csongrád Motors is one of the largest exporters of automobiles in East Vesperia, as well as the second largest automobile company in Granzery.


The company was an important arms manufacturer in the country, but it also produced gas equipment, water heaters, lamps and miscellaneous metalware. The production of Diesel engines started in 1899, when the Granzerian engineer Oszkár Epperlein (1844-1903) and Jenő Böszörményi (1872 - 1957) bought the patent rights of Diesel engines for the FÉMC company. Throughout its history it was renamed several times for various reasons; to Fémáru, Fegyver- és Gépgyár ("Metalware, Arms and Machine Factory") in 1935, to Nemzeti Autógyár ("National Automobile Factory") in 1946, to Motor- és Gázkészülékgyár ("Motor and Gas Equipment Factory") in 1965. In 1971 the company returned to the name Fegyver És Motor Csoport.

Through its history it always fulfilled a crucial role in supplying the Granzery Royal Defence Force with small arms, this company also manufactured and exported a variety of semi-automatic pistols, machineguns and rifles, including the UHF Rifle, in addition to their manufacture of small arms, FÉMC in the late 1970s branched out into the development and production of armoured vehicles, most well known for the PcKTr-62 main battle tank. In Granzery the company also manufactures most of the propane water boilers and heaters found in Granzerian panel houses.

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