Exercise Zapazvane

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Exercise Zapazvane (Ziridavan: Запазване на упражненията/Zapazvane na uprazhneniyata) was a series of biennial large-scale military exercises of the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces, involving all branches. The first exercise was held in 1994, and the last one was held in 2002. Every exercise took place for one week in September in the region of Kozelsk, and was meant to simulate an attack by forces of the Vastava Pact. The exercises were officially ended by former president Milen Marinov in 2002, however exercises were resumed in 2021.

Although no other militaries are actively involved, observers from countries such as XX and XX have been invited in past exercises.

Ziridavan forces in Zapazvane 1996







T-74S1s during Zapazvane 2002


In his presidential campaign, Evgeni Mihov promised to bring back the exercises. After winning the 2021 Ziridavan Presidential Elections, Zapazvane 2021 took place that year in July. Along with ground exercises in Kozelsk, there were also anti-amphibious and anti-ship drills on the southern peninsula. Observers from EDEN/KP allies such as New Cambria, Vazandia, Chilokver, and Acronia were invited. The exercise drew condemnation from Ordia and Vastava Pact member states, XXXgay ass accusations or something idkXXX