Evgeni Mihov

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Evgeni Mihov
Евгени Михов
Evgeni Mihov in 2021
President of the Republic of Ziridava
In office
June 8 2021 – Incumbent
Preceded byNedyalko Valov
Minister of Justice
In office
June 8 2014 – August 27 2017
Preceded byChavdar Angelov
Succeeded byOgnian Tsvetkov
Member of the Montazh
In office
September 15 2018 – June 8 2021
Personal details
Born Evgeni Yakov Mihov
(1979-09-21) 21 September 1979 (age 44)
Kolovo, People's Republic of Ziridava
Political party Justice & Freedom (2018-present)
Spouse(s) Nevena Doroteya (2003–present)
Alma mater Saint Emil University
Religion Ziridavan Orthodox

Evgeni Yakov Mihov (Ziridavan: Евгени Яков Михов) is a Ziridavan jurist and politician, and is the current president of Ziridava. Evgeni was previously the Minister of Justice under Nikolic Woronoff's term as president, until his resignation in 2017. Evgeni was a member of the Ziridava Independence Party from 2008 to 2017, and has since been a member of Justice & Freedom. Since 2018, he has been a member of the Montazh, and announced his candidacy in the 2021 elections in November 2020. Evgeni won the elections, and assumed office on June 8th 2021.

Early life and education[edit]

Foreign policy[edit]

While Evgeni Mihov has expressed his support for multilateralism, he has also promoted the idea of Ziridava becoming more self-reliant. He has also commended Nedyalko Valov's vows to use force to defend the country's interests, and has promised to maintain the policy. Although he has not come out as either interventionist or non-interventionist, many believe he leans towards the former due to his hardline stances on Ausferiland and the Vastava Pact. Evgeni's promise to restart Exercise Zapazvane has been seen as a message against perceived VSO and VP aggression. Evgeni has also promoted increased Ziridavan involvement within EDEN, and to become more active with the alliance's members.


Vastava Pact[edit]

Evgeni has been vocal about his opposition to the Vastava Pact, which he has accused of attempting to interfere with Ziridava's national security on multiple occasions.


EDEN and Kruppstadt Pact[edit]

Although not opposed to a limited foreign military presence in Ziridava, Evgeni has expressed skepticism of any major presence, especially from Temischa and Vazandia. Although Evgeni plans to keep Ziridava in EDEN and an observer of the Kruppstadt Pact, he has promoted a strategy of more independence from both.

Domestic policy[edit]

Economy and trade[edit]

Evgeni has promoted ending corporate welfare, and has also promoted increased trade protectionism. Although a supporter of free trade, Evgeni has expressed his support for the country becoming more economically independent, and has been skeptical of multinational corporations monopolizing Ziridavan industries.




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