Estherian People's Army

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Estherian People's Army
Service branchesEstherian People's Army Ground Forces

Estherian People's Army Navy

Estherian People's Army Air Force
HeadquartersLa Fayette, Estheria
Active personnel200,136
Reserve personnel200,000+

The Estherian People's Army is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Estheria





Small Arms & Personal Equipment[edit]


Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Jefferson M40 S&W M&P .40 left side.JPG  Estheria Pistol 9x19mm Main service pistol.
PM Makarov 9-мм пистолет Макарова с патронами.jpg  Stasnov Pistol 9x19mm Used by reserves and paramilitary forces.
SMG M44A3 Franchi LF-57.jpg Estheria Submachine Gun 9x19mm Used by prison guards and paramilitary forces. A postwar modification of Granzerian Kt. Gep44 submachine guns.
PK-01 Russian Submachine gun pp-90m1.jpg  Gorbatov Submachine Gun 9x19mm Used by special Forces.
C-2 Tomahawk AV-01.png  Estheria Assault Rifle 5.45x39mm To replace the AK-74M in the future.
AK-74M Ak74m 91.jpg  Stasnov Assault Rifle 5.45x39mm Main service rifle.
AKM AKM automatkarbin - 7,62x39mm.jpg  Stasnov Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm Regularly used by Estherian reserve and paramilitary forces.
M5 Williams Carbine Cristobal m2 2.jpg  Estheria Carbine 7.62x33mm Regularly used by Estherian paramilitary forces.
Fusil-59 M14 Stand-off Munitions Disruptor (SMUD) (7414626342).jpg  Verdesa Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm Regularly used by Estherian paramilitary forces.
C-1 Macahuitl Zastava M70AB2 Hunter la5.JPG  Estheria Assault Rifle 7.62x33mm Regularly used by Estherian paramilitary forces.
SPK90 SPK89.png  Estheria Semi-Automatic Shotgun 12 gauge Shotgun used by rear echelon troops, military police and prison guards.
RPK-74 Soviet RPK-74.JPEG  Stasnov Light machine gun 5.45×39mm Standard issue LMG/SAW.
C-2 HBAR RK-01.png  Estheria Squad Automatic Weapon 5.45×39mm To replace the RPK-74.
PKM PKM DD-ST-85-01257.JPEG  Stasnov General purpose machine gun 7.62×54mmR Standard issue GPMG.
SVDS Interpolitex 2013 (536-15).jpg  Stasnov Designated Marksman Rifle 7.62×54mmR Standard issue DMR.

Anti-Tank and Anti-Air[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
RPG-7 RH-60.png  Stasnov Rocket Propelled Grenade 40mm (launcher only) Extensive service with reservists and frontline troops, being retired.
RPG-28 RH-08.png  Stasnov Rocket Propelled Grenade 125mm To replace the RPG-7 in the future.
Igla-N IGLA-S MANPADS at IDELF-2008.jpg  Stasnov MANPADS 72mm Main service MANPADS.
Metys-M Antitank missile system Metis-M1.jpg  Stasnov Anti-tank Guided Missile 130mm Standard ATGM.


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
VeK-29 Aviamix2015-03 (cropped).jpg  Stasnov Multirole Fighter 180 Multirole Fighter.
Lukov Lu-30MKE Su30mke.jpg  Stasnov Multirole Fighter 40 Fifth Generation stealth multirole fighter. More on Order.
Lukov Lu-22 6207 Su-22 Radom 2011.JPG  Stasnov Attack 20 Used largely for SEAD
RFA Accipiter 2 J22orao.jpg  Estheria Attack 54
Yelenko Ye-12 Antonov An-12BK, Russia - Air Force AN1879625.jpg  Stasnov Tactical Transport 17
Filatov Fi-29 IL-76MD - TankBiathlon2013 (modified).jpg  Stasnov Strategic transport 5
Ignatik-Filatov R-85 Beriev A-50 Vladivostok.jpg  Gorbatov AWACS 2
Filatov Fi-38 Fi-38.png  Stasnov Maritime Patrol 4
Yurasov Yu-29 Kamov Ka-29 in fight.jpg  Stasnov Utility helicopter 78 Extensively used by both naval aviation and EPAAF for maritime patrol, anti submarine warfare and transport.
Yurasov-Zahorski V-52 V-52.png  Gorbatov
Attack helicopter 6 6 provided as part of cooperative talks between General Secretary Daley and the Gorbatovic Premier Voroshilov.
Kagedan KaG-62 Crackhind.png  Gorbatov
Attack helicopter 20

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
Kronstadt Orion Army-2020-209.JPG  Stasnov UCAV 7
Iglyong 2 Iglyong2.jpg  Saegya UCAV 19



Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
T-62 Cougar T62mv.jpg Main Battle Tank 144 115 mm smoothbore gun  Stasnov an undisclosed number remain in main service stockpile, vast majority of models are T-62MV type.
T-74E Coyote T-72B M1989.jpg Main Battle Tank 646 125 mm smoothbore gun  Stasnov Eszteria operates 102 of T-74S3 type, 134 of T-74S4 type the remainder are of of T-74S2 type. The Eszterian government has plans to upgrade all of these to T-74E2 Coyote 2 standard by 2030 as part of the "15 year defence plan".
T-94 Wolverine T90s.jpg Main Battle Tank 68 125 mm smoothbore gun  Stasnov The Eszterian government intends to replace half its fleet of T-62s and T-91s of its tank fleet with T-94SM tanks by 2030 and the rest by 2040.
TCSV-1 Grizzly Bmpt REA 2009.jpg Armoured fighting vehicle 96 2 x 30mm autocannon
4 x ATGMs
Tank combat support vehicle. Another 77 on order. Both Gorbatovic PT-92s and Stasnovan BMPTs are operated.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
MT-LB Ram RWS2017-37.jpg Armoured personnel carrier 4,440 14.5mm HMG.  Stasnov Standard issue amongst reservists and many motor rifle divisions.
BTR-80A Weasel Btr80a.jpg Armoured personnel carrier 2,440 30mm autocannon.  Stasnov Standard armoured personnel carrier. In widespread use with motorized infantry.
AC-2 Sioux Sloboda 2019 - defile 08 - BOV M16 Miloš 02.jpg MRAP 80 N/A  Estheria More being acquired.
AC-1 Aztec 8lazar zandarmerija2.jpg Armoured personnel carrier 208 Modular.  Estheria To replace the BTR-80A. In widespread use with motorized infantry.
BMP-1 Moose BWP-1 Baltops 2016 0283.jpg Infantry fighting vehicle 1,158 73mm cannon  Stasnov Infantry fighting vehicle.
ICV-1 Caribou BVP М80А VS.jpg Infantry fighting vehicle 1050 20mm autocannon  Estheria Infantry fighting vehicle.


Self-propelled Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
Msta-S AlabinoTraining0904-34.jpg Self-propelled artillery 108  Stasnov Main service howitzer.
TBA NORA-B52 M15.jpg Self-propelled artillery 16  Merala Main service howitzer.
BM-21 Grad Russian BM-21 Grad in Saint Petersburg.JPG Multiple rocket launcher 16  Stasnov Multiple rocket launcher. In active service.
Polonez Парад по случаю Дня независимости Белоруссии при участии авиации ЗВО (15).jpg Multiple rocket launcher 12  Gorbatov Multiple rocket launcher. In limited service.
OTR-21 Tochka Tochka-U rep parad Yekat.jpg Tactical Ballistic Missile 23  Stasnov
9K720 Iksander Army2016demo-075.jpg Tactical Ballistic Missile 3  Stasnov


Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
S-300 S-300 - 2009 Moscow Victory Day Parade (2).jpg Long range Surface-to-air missile 45  Stasnov Air defence and anti-ballistic missile.
S-125 Pechora 2M S-125 Pechora-2M VEN.jpg Medium range Surface-to-air missile 152  Stasnov
Buk 2M BUK-M2E VEN.jpg Medium range Surface-to-air missile 12  Stasnov
Tor M1 Tor-M1 SAM (2).jpg Medium range Surface-to-air missile 24  Stasnov 12 of Tor M1-2U, the rest of Tor M1 type.
SZP-18 D1J0Z0tWwAA9r4c.jpg Short range Anti Air Gun 24  Stasnov
More to be acquired.
Tanti.73 "Arquero" Flakpanzerestheria.jpg Short range Anti Air Gun 78  Verdesa Surplus acquired between 2010-2020.