Estherian Continental Army

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Estherian Continental Army
Admiral Buchanan pennant flag.png
ECA battle flag
Service branchesEstherian Continental Army

Estherian Continental Army Navy

Estherian Continental Army Air Force
HeadquartersFranzburg, Estheria
Active personnel~190,000 (1968)

The Estherian Continental Army was the military organisation responsible for the defence of Estheria





The equipment shown is the equipment used by the ECA upon its dissolution in 1968.

Small Arms & Personal Equipment[edit]


Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Artemus Model 38 Smith and Wesson model 39 IMG 3063.jpg  Estheria Pistol 9x19mm Main service pistol.
SMG M44A3 Franchi LF-57.jpg  Estheria Submachine Gun 9x19mm Standard SMG
MP 40 MP 40 AYF 3.JPG  Elesar Submachine Gun 9x19mm Limited Use.
Williams Carbine Cristobal m2 2.jpg  Estheria Assault Rifle 7.62x33mm Standard issue rifle.
Jackson 60 Stoner 63.JPG  Estheria Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm In the process of replacing the Williams Carbine upon the dissolution of the ECA.