Equipment of the Republic of Tenburg during the Second Great War

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Tenburg entered the Second Great War in late 1941, and fought alongside the Axis until December 1947. The following is a list of equipment used by the Tennish Army (Arm Náisiúnta).

Small Arms[edit]


Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
McCollum L37 Automatic 9x19mm  Tenburg 8+1 capacity. Standard service pistol from 1938 to 1960.
Lynch Model 13 Revolver .360 Special  Tenburg First pistol chambered in the new .360 Special cartridge. This revolver saw extensive use among officers and in second-line duty.
Cogar Bolt-action 9x19mm  Tenburg Single-shot pistol with integrated suppressor. Saw use with Seirbhísí Folaitheach na Deichtír (SFD) in clandestine operations. ~3,000 built total.

Submachine Guns

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
M-44 Submachine Gun 9x19mm  Tenburg Introduced in 1944. Standard service SMG until 1983.
PG29 Submachine Gun 9x19mm  Tenburg Built in 1927 by Gerald McElroy. PG stands for "Poitín Gunna", referring to the poitín smugglers that used it. Produced from 1929 to 1941. Standard service SMG until 1944


Name Type Cartidge Origin Photo Notes
RC-45 Semi-automatic .305 Tennish (7.8x56mm)  Tenburg Introduced to front-line service in October 1944. Standard service rifle from 1944 to 1968
p1918 bolt-action .305 Tennish (7.8x56mm)  Tenburg Standard service rifle until 1944. Continued to see service as a sniper rifle and in second-line service

Machine Guns

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
GM-36 Light Machine Gun .305 Tennish (7.8x56mm)  Tenburg Introduced in 1938. Saw service in various forms until 1991.
Morris Gun Medium Machine Gun .305 Tennish (7.8x56mm)  Tenburg Introduced in 1929. Belt-fed machine gun with a two-man crew. Extensively used until 1960.

Anti-Tank Weapons

Name Type Projectile Origin Photo Notes
GBU Man-portable Launcher Shaped Charge Bomb  Tenburg Introduced in early 1943 in response to Tennish Army's need for an effective infantry anti-tank weapon.

Armored Vehicles[edit]


Name Type Origin Photo Notes
M47 Berserker Main Battle Tank  Tenburg Introduced in January 1947. Tennish first-gen MBT. Remained in service until 1966.
TC4 Medium Tank  Tenburg Introduced in 1940. Saw front-line use until 1947, and limited use until 1966.
TC1 Medium Tank  Tenburg Introduced in 1936. Saw front-line use until 1947.
Vincent Mk.3 Light Tank  Tenburg Light tank from 1925 to 1936. Limited reserve usage.

Armored Cars

Name Type Origin Photo Notes
Athair Armored Car  Tenburg Used extensively in front-line anti-infantry duty. Remained in service until 1973
Deartháir Armored Car  Tenburg Used in second-line duty and in anti-partisan operations. Remained in service until 1970
Bréagán Scout Car  Tenburg Highly mobile scout car. Extensively used for reconnaissance.
Mullens Armored Car Armored Car  Tenburg Limited reserve usage. All units retired in 1943 when supply of specialty tires ran out.