Donggo Gulmahun

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Donggo Gulmahun
Native name
ᡩᠣᠩᡤᠣ ᡤᡠᠯᠮᠠᡥᡠᠨ
Wenggot County, Yehe, Jin Empire
Moegen, Sahaliyan Ula
AllegianceJin Empire (1906-1907), Republic of Tangguria (1907-1910), Sahaliyan Clique (1928-1945)
Commands held...
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Donggo Gulmahun (ᡩᠣᠩᡤᠣ ᡤᡠᠯᠮᠠᡥᡠᠨ); 19th of July 1879 – 9th of November 1945) was a Tanggu warlord of the Sahaliyan Clique in the early 20th century. Donggowas known for his eccentric behaviour, his poor governance, his many defections to numerous Tanggu warlords, his skill at horseriding and archery, and his often brutal treatment of enemies. As a result of these and from the actions of his own men, he has been described as "Tangguria's basest warlord" by outsiders, while within Tangguria he is also known as the "Horsemeat General" and the "Three Legged Horse".


Early life and career[edit]

Rise to prominence and rule over Sahaliyan Province[edit]

Imprisonment and death[edit]

Personal life[edit]


Over the course of his life, Donggo was known for a number of eccentric deeds, especially when he led the Sahaliyan Clique from 1928 to 1945. These exploits included:

  • Making a photo book of him and his wives naked, taken by a team of Acronian photographers, and then distributing it among his officer corps.
Donggo's second in command Caodan Songgotu riding his pet tiger. Donggo later fed him to this same tiger when he rebelled.
  • When his second in command Caodan Songgotu sought to rebel against Donggo, Donggo imprisoned him and fed Caodan to Caodan's own pet tiger.
  • Spent much of his own personal money researching traditional medicine, especially those that were said to have enhanced sexual prowess.
  • Possessed a picture of Vazandian emperor Adolf VII above his bed which he treated with reverence and sometimes prayed to.
  • Shot a subordinate on purpose after persuading him to place a bottle of whiskey on top of his head for a shooting competition.
  • Was described as "dead" in Tanggurian telegrams no less than thirty times, only to reappear alive and well and still capable of fighting.
  • Notably was nervous around thunderstorms on open ground after almost being struck by lightning as a child.
  • His aged mother accompanied him at all times during his campaigns, and he always gave her the best quarters available.
  • Once made medals out of tinfoil from when he was unable to raise enough money to buy medals for his victorious soldiers.
  • Had a spare horse with a coffin on the back, his intention being if he died on campaign he was to be buried right where he fell.
  • Created a small army of a hundred children, mostly orphans, that he put under the command of his eldest son, Donggo Guwanwen.

Donggo Gulmahun was also known as the "Five Don't Knows", due to his lack of knowledge of how many men he had in his army, how many horses he had, how many bottles of alcohol he drunk in a week, how many of his soldiers' wives he has slept with, and how many bastard children he had from his encounters with women.