Directorates of Bloodia

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The Bloodian State Directorate are the principal units of the Executive branch of the Bloodian Government. They are analogous to ministries common in parliamentary or semi-presidential systems but the Bloodian system are led by a head of government who is also the head of state. The directorates are the administrative/legislative arms of the State. There are currently 12 Directorates.

The heads of the directorates receive the title of Director of their respective directorate, except for the Supreme Judge, who is the Director of Justice. The heads of the directorates are appointed by the Naczelnik, and serve the state. The heads of directorates are members of the National Council, a legislative organ that normally acts as a lawmaking body for the state.

The heads of directorates are included in the line of succession to the Naczelnik, in the event of a vacancy in the office, after the Director of the National Council.

Current Directorates[edit]

Coat of Arms Directorate Formed
Bloodian Foreign Affairs.png Foreign Affairs 24 February 1929 Director of Foreign Affairs
Bloodian Finance.png Finance 24 February 1929 Director of Finance
Bloodia Coat of Arms.png Expedition and Defense 24 February 1929 Director of Expedition and Defense
Bloodian Justice.png Justice 24 February 1929 Supreme Judge
Bloodian Labour.png Labour 24 February 1929 Director of Labour
Bloodia Coat of Arms.png Administration 24 February 1929 Director of Administration
Bloodain Education.png Education 11 April 1932 Director of Education
Bloodian State Security Directorate.png State Security 1 October 1933 Director of State Security
Bloodian Infrastructure.png Infrastructure 10 May 1938 Director of Infrastructure
Bloodian Healthcare.png Healthcare 30 March 1948 Director of Healthcare
Bloodian Energy.png Energy 2 September 1951 Director of Energy
Bloodia Coat of Arms.png Colonial Affairs 9 July 1952 Director of Colonial Affairs