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Federal Republic of Vodovia
Federálna Republika Vodovia
Federatyvna Respublika Vodoviya
Coat of arms of Vodovia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Nexaj hromyt" hrim peremohy!!"
Anthem: Slava tobi
Glory to you!
Location of Vodovia
Location of Vodovia
Official languagesHalyčian
Ethnic groups64.7% Halyčian
32.0% Zakarian
3.3% others
GovernmentFederal presidental republic
Kuzma Baranov
LegislatureNational Congress of Vodovia
• Kingdom of Vodovia
• The Blue Revolution and creation of the Republic of Vodovia
• 2018 estimate
GDP (PPP)2016 estimate
• Total
$563.882 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Total
$528.929 billion
• Per capita
GiniSteady 45.1
HDIIncrease .823
very high
CurrencyGolovo (VOG)
Time zoneNadyiv Standard Time
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+32
ISO 3166 codeVOD
Internet TLD.vod

Vodovia, officially the Federal Republic of Vodovia, (Halyčian: Federatyvna Respublika Vodoviya, Zakkarian: Federálna Republika Vodovia) is a sovereign state in Northern Zemlya. Vodovia borders Lipnitia and Sataria to the south, Bloodia and Reismov to the east, and Czenmark and Luchitsia to the west. Vodovia has a population of about 32.5 million, making it a rather medium-populated nation. Its capital and largest city is Nadyiv. Zakkarian and Halyčian are the official languages in Vodovia. The dominant religion in the country is ???. Vodovia has an area of ??? square KM. Vodovia is composed of 3 republics, Halyčyna, Beloslavia, and Zakkarya. The largest republic is Republic of Halyčyna, while the smallest is the Republic of Beloslavia

Today, Vodovia is a developed country, maintaining high standards of living, quality of life, safety and economic freedom. However, Vodovia is the largest exporter of ???, also the 7th largest exporter of oil. Vodovia is a federal presidential republic with separate powers: legislative, executive and judicial branches.

Vodovia remained a largely forested, barren country until the aftermath of the Second Great War, after which undergoing rampant industrialisation under the Five Ideas. Vodovian GDP growth has been steady since its creation. The country provides free education up to one year in college and a universal health care system for citizens. Vodovia has developed an extensive history and a rich cultural heritage, including many historical monuments and environmental leisure areas. Vodovia is a member of Freedom Unity of Zemlya


Work in Progress

Politics and government[edit]

The Vodovian Capitol in Nadyiv, home to the Central Congress, where Representants meet 8 times every year, to decide for the nation.



Vodovia has many light and heavy factories, as well as one of the largest shipyards in the world. Notable factories are the VOArms factory in Nadyiv, ??? Shipyards, VodAvia Aircraft Factory in Nadyiv and the AMD CPU and GPU factories in Nadyiv, and Yavta.


The infrastructure in Vodovia is advanced. The interstates go between all major cities. There is plans to construct a high speed rail line in Vodovia. The main airport in Vodovia is Nadyiv-Farona International Airport, 23 miles southeast from Nadyiv city center.

Media and Communications[edit]

Vodovian media is not advanced, due to a sizeable part of the consumption aimed at Czensk and Lipnitian media. The communications in Vodovia are very advanced, with more than half of the nation being served by 5G data service. Major phone companies are Nadyivstar, Vodovfone, and Vodfon.

Science and Technology[edit]

The ??? Shipyards in ???, one of the largest shipyards in the world.


The military of Vodovia composes of 3 branches, the Vodovian Ground Defense Forces, Vodovian Air Defense Force, and Vodovian Coast Guard. The Vodovian Coast Guard, is the largest branch of the military and 2nd most funded. It composes of ???. The Air Defense Force is being modernized, upgrading their fighters to the VK-2, and VK-1.

Foreign Relations[edit]

Vodovia is a neutral nation


Geographical map of Vodovia