DIM-62 grenade

From Atlas

Type HE grenade
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 1963-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designer Bavra Chemical Solutions
Designed 1961
Manufacturer ACC Defence Division
Unit cost $90
Produced 1962-present
Length 85 mm (3.3 in)
Diameter 53 mm (2.1 in)

Effective range 123 m (135 yd)
Filling Composition B
Filling weight 225g
4.5 second fuze
Blast yield 2 metres

The DIM-62 is a high explosive concussive grenade, filled with a high volume of explosive to jar and disorientate targets via the force of the concussive blast. It is also intended as a demolition grenade, capable of causing major structural damage to buildings and equipment. It is used in close-quarters environments by infantrymen and by combat engineers and demolition teams. It is especially effective at killing and disorienting enemies in bunkers and fortified positions, and is capable of creating entry holes and demolishing entire enemy structures.


The DIM-62 has a waterproof steel cylinder, and a timed fuze with a 4.5 second delay. It is filled with 225 grams of Composition B explosives. The killzone is estimated at 2 metres, but fragmentation from the fuze and other debris may be thrown as far as 200 metres.

Despite this, the potential for injury from shrapnel, especially to friendlies, is very low, increasing its suitability for close quarters environments as opposed to fragmentation grenades.