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City of Csongrád

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From top, left to right: Csongrád city hall, The Central Train Station in Csongrád, the Business District, the Csongrád Cathedral.
Flag of Csongrád
Country Granzery
SuttaCirca 8th Century BCE
 • BodyCsongrád City Council
 • Urban1,284.0 km2 (495.8 sq mi)
 • Metro311.0 km2 (120.1 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Density7,457.90/km2 (19,315.9/sq mi)
 • Urban2,319,407
 • Metro7,489,112

Csongrád is a city in Granzery, it is the second most populous city in Granzery after Véragyőr, and is the capital of Bastarny Province. In the past, it served as the Capital of the Bastarnae Empire, West Granzery, and was temporarily the capital of the Democratic Republic of Granzery during the Granzerian War. It is one of the largest continuous metropolitan areas in Vesperia, and is part of the CVMt Triangle, which is the second largest metropolitan area in Vesperia after Defense, Acronia.

Csongrád is a leading Atlassian Alpha Global City, one of two in Granzery (the other being Véragyőr, which is considered Alpha+). Csongrád is the leading Granzerian city in terms of fashion, tourism, art, media and research. The Central Business District of Csongrád hosts the headquarters of many international Banks. In terms of individual resident wealth, Csongrád is the wealthiest in Granzery, and is among the wealthiest cities in the world.