Csabadka Raid

From Atlas
KGROL Csabadka Raid
Part of the Second Transkarpatian War

Remains of a Granzerian V-10 Cyclone
Date28 May 2021
Result Granzerian victory
 Granzery  Transkarpatia
Commanders and leaders
Granzery Transkarpatia Yevheniy Kovalchuk
Units involved
Republic of Granzery Air Force Transkarpatian Air Force
32 V-10s
12 F-10Ks
16 V-12s
32 V-13s
16 T-300s
108 aircraft
Hundreds of SAMs & AAA guns
32 V-10s
16 V-12s
48 aircraft
Casualties and losses
9 pilots captured
13 V-10s shot down
2 F-10Ks shot down
hundreds of military and civilian casualties
19 V-10s shot down
3 V-12s shot down
13 V-12s destroyed on the ground.

The Csabadka Raid was the largest airstrike of the Granzerian Airforce in modern history. During the raid hundreds of Transkarpatian military personnel and civilians were killed and almost the entire Transkarpatian air force stationed at the base was destroyed.

The main target of the strike was the Csabadka Airbase, which was the only operating airbase within secessionist Transkarpatian territory, and operated a large complement of top-of-the-line Granzerian V-12 and F-10K aircraft which were captured by the Transkarpatian Air Force after the Veragyor Winter Revolution. These aircraft represented the pinnacle of Granzerian Aerospace technology and a daytime raid on the airbase was planned to neutralize these aircraft and place a significant impedence on the Transkarpatian Air Forces ability to operate. The largest aerial deployment of the Granzerian Air Force since the Second Great War involved aircraft from Sejpedek, Mejetet and Kantelyek airbases, including 5th Generation stealth fighters such as the V-12 and V-13 fighters. It was the first aerial engagement in Atlas between two stealth fighters, and also marked the first time a 5th Generation fighter was shot down in combat, when three Transkarpatian V-12s were shot down while in combat with Granzerian V-12s of the 9th Squadron.

The raid resulted in the total destruction of Csabadka Airbase and destruction of Transkarpatia's entire complement of V-12 fighters and F-10K electronic warfare aircraft.