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City of Csabadka
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Clockwise from top: Csabadka panorama, Csabadka Cathedral, A cable car in Csabadka, State Assembly Hall, Central Csabadka Fountain and the Sacred Virgin Cathedral.
Country Transkarpatia
EstablishedCirca 11th Century CE
 • BodyCsabadka City Council
 • Urban519.3 km2 (200.5 sq mi)
 • Metro3,624.0 km2 (1,399.2 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Density417.6/km2 (1,082/sq mi)
 • Urban610,898
 • Metro1,513,554

Csabadka (Karpatian: Субатица) sometimes called Karpáth is a city in Transkarpatia, Granzery, it is the capital of the Transkarpatian region and the cultural centre of the Karpatian people. It is the highest-elevation major city in Granzery, and is the highest-elevation city with a population greater than a million in Vesepria. Csabadka is well known for its snowfields, with a bustling skiing industry noted across Atlas.

Csabadka has been the site of significant combat throughout history, most recently during the Transkarpatian War, due to its location as the meeting point between the Granzerians and the not!Slavic nations to the East.