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Republic of Colgasia
Tusgre Glosmynd
and largest city
Official languagesColgasian
Recognised Regional LanguagesFerddi, Vaellenian
Ethnic groups (2013)
DemonymColgasian, Glosmyndic
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• Levydh
Edern Dyfed
Arthyen Tangye
• Glosmyndic medieval kingdoms
circa 900 CE
• Glosmynd Uprising
• Declaration of Independence
• 2012 estimate
CurrencyOwr (GLO)
Drives on theright
ISO 3166 codeGL

Colgasia, also known as, Glosmynd officially the Republic of Colgasia (Glosmyndic: Tusgre Glosmynd), is a sovereign state located in western Elysia. It is a unitary republic consisting of 32 counties with the capital seated in the special district of Dukestel. Glosmynd is a landlocked country bordering Acronia to the west, Verdesa to the south and Acceria to the east.

The majority of people living in the country are Colgasian, a Celtic people who migrated to the current territory of Colgasia around 300 BCE. The country also has a significant minority of Ferddi and Vaellenians who make up 4% and 2% of the population respectively. In most of its early history, Colgasia was divided into numerous small pagan states, chiefdoms, and dukedoms. The country was united by the Kingdom of Colgasia in 800 CE. The state rose to prominence and prosperity until which lasted until the eventual downfall and subjugation by Acronia in 1212. Colgasia was under Acronian rule for almost 600 years. The occupation did not pass without resistance of course, there were many rebellions among which the three most important ones are the Lanner Rebellion which was in 1576 and the Angarrack Uprising of 1898, with the latter one paving the way to the contemporary Colgasian state. In 1910 the Red Rebellion ocuрred, when the leftist elements of the Colgasian independence movement tried to take power and establish a socialist republic. The government forces and the Green guards have successfully defeated the socialist forces and Colgasia has since adopted a constitution which prohibited forming of groups which aim to disestablish the democratic republic. Colgasia didn

Today, Colgasia follows a policy of military neutrality while having some levels of military cooperation with other entities. Colgasia is regarded as an authoritarian state ranking well in several national performance metrics.