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Cartier-Bresson Auto Mécaniques S.A.
TypeSociété anonyme
Traded asBdD: CB
IndustryAutomotive, aerospace
Founded8 January 1912; 112 years ago (8 January 1912)
Founder(s)André Cartier-Bresson
HeadquartersAix-les-Acronie, Odentia
Number of locations77 dealerships
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleÉric Cartier-Bresson, CEO
Production output2,984 vehicles (2015)
RevenueIncrease ₳324 million (2017)
Net incomeIncrease ₳11 million (2017)
Total equityIncrease ₳2.2 billion (2017)
Employees1,124 (2016)

Cartier-Bresson Auto Mécaniques S.A. is an Odentian transport company specializing in luxury sports cars and business jets. The company's headquarters, production facilities and test track are located in Aix-les-Acronie in Lacblanc. André Cartier-Bresson, an Odentian naval engineer with extensive experience as an automotive hobbyist, founded the company in 1912 as a custom car manufacturer. The arrival of industrialist Jacques Barneau saw the company transform from a small family luxury automotive shop to a full-blown luxury car marque with the launch of the Cartier-Bresson Rapide.

Cartier-Bresson rose to international prominence after its cars won the Elysian Grand Prix in 1923, 1924, 1930, and 1939, and quickly became a symbol of Odentian culture. Despite a brief pause in operations due to the onset of the Second Great War, King Victor II publicly bestowed the Medal of Sky and Sea on André Cartier-Bresson in 1949. Following André's death in 1951, his son Gaspard took control of the company. Under Gaspard, Cartier-Bresson greatly expanded its research and development, and began producing airplanes.

The postwar period is generally considered the the company's golden age, and saw many of its most important vehicles launched, including the Rapide II, the Hirondelle, and the I. The 1980s brought with it a general downturn due to mismanagement and poorly-received launches that persisted until 1987, when the Odentian government divested the remnants of its state-owned aircraft company out to Cartier-Bresson. The government's continued business and the success of the Livrée in 1996 saw a resurgence in the company's fortunes.

Cartier-Bresson currently produces the Frégate, the Colibri, and the Étendard. In addition, the company produces the Rapide Vol aircraft series.