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Caleic League
Coudref dó Caeliga
Flag of Bloodia
Motto: "Genedlu aga relixiún"
Location of  Caleia  (green) in Zemlya  (dark grey)
Location of  Caleia  (green)

in Zemlya  (dark grey)

and largest city
Official languagesCaleic
Ethnic groups98% Caleic
Religion94% Occidental Issianism
5% Caleic Native Faith
1% Irreligious
GovernmentStratocratic one-party federal republic
• Ostíerna
Éreig Dóutaruos
LegislatureTeí Genedlega
• National Revolution
• Current Constitution
• 2019 estimate
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
• Total
$1.151 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencyCaleic iscedu
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Drives on theright

Caleia, officially the Caleic League (Standard Caelic: Coudref dó Caeliga), is a sovereign, stratocratic, one-party federal republic located in Western Zemlya. Under the 1994 Constitution, the country is a federation composed of five Caelic nations. Each nation has 55 members in the Teí Genedlega, which is the national legislature. It is the only country on the continent where Caelic people are a majority of the population. The capital is Fíloí.

The ancestors of the Caelic people migrated from Azaria into Zemlya around 1000 BC. Various tribal confederations conquered much of the continent, replacing or absorbing the culture of the Iberians. The Caelic people themselves were then driven out by the invading Slavs, retreating to the area they currently occupy in Western Zemlya, beyond Logu Nerte.

From 1919 to 1989, Caleia was governed as a democratic federal republic. Commander in Chief of the Caelic Army, General Éreig Dóutaruos, led a successful military coup against the government. The republic was officially abolished by a new constitution in 2003 and the Empire of Greater Caleia was formed; a stratocratic, one-party, federal state. Dóutaruos rules as Ostíerna of Caelia.