Cabinet of Lyonine Ministries

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The Cabinet of State (Lyonine: Cabnet d'Estat), otherwise known as the Cabinet, is regarded as the executive branch of the Lyonine government, composed of the First Councillor and the most senior government ministers representing each governmental department.

Ministers are selected by the First Councilor. By convention the First Councilor selects members from the varying political parties from within the parliamentary bloc he or she represents. Usually the level of support each party has in parliament is taken into account when selecting a the composition of the council. Appointments to the Cabinet of State must be confirmed by a simple majority within the Congress. Cabinet members serve as the head of a specific governmental department for which they are appointed and receive the official title Secretary of State (Secrétaire d'État). The Cabinet generally evolved due to the expanding remit of the central government and the necessity for successive administrations to hold a greater degree of control over differing areas of society and the state. Most governmental decisions regarding legislation are drafted and discussed within the Cabinet before they are released to the floor of Congress. Official Cabinet sessions take place every Tuesday whilst the Congress is in session. Members of the Cabinet are also bound by the convention of collective responsibility which ensures that decisions implemented hold the unanimous support of the Cabinet of State.


Position Name Party
First Councilor Josephine Ponte      Centrist
Second Councillor Antoine Laurent      Centrist
Secretary of State for the Treasury Gustave Delacroix      Centrist
Secretary of State for Space and Technology Amanda Leclère      Technocrat
Secretary of State for the Home Department Andres Valmont      Centrist
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Marie-France Auguste      Centrist
Secretary of State for Defence Abel Trémaux      Centrist
Secretary of State for Health Alix Marais      Technocrat
Secretary of State for Justice Olivier Le Tonnelier      Centrist
Secretary of State for Education Alexandra Bouhier      Centrist
Secretary of State for Business and Trade Minander Ato      Centrist
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Massimilia Forteza      Centrist
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Chione Rissos      Centrist
Secretary of State for Transport Barsan Strios      Technocrat
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Marie-Hélène Marchal      Green
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Eioneus Selden      Green
Secretary of State for Leisure, Sports and Tourism Laurentius Vallo      Centrist
Attorney General Jean-Louis Veil      Centrist
Chief Whip Atherion Venetta      Centrist
Inspector General Mylo Erelegant Non-partisan

Non-Seated Ministers[edit]

Various Ministers who can be asked to sit in on certain Cabinet Meetings but are otherwise not consistent members of the Cabinet of State.

Position Name Party
Minister of Marine Research Alphonse Reverdin      Centrist
Minister of Celestial Research Claudia Saint-Yves      Centrist
Minister of Climate Sustainability Hippolyte Aubert      Green
Minister of Military Intelligence Florentin De Saint-Pierre      Centrist
Minister of Homeland Affairs Maragda Santalo      Centrist
Minister of Antiquities Irene Vallespir      Centrist
Minister of Consumer Affairs Ferran Bacardí      Centrist
Minister of Youth Affairs Adrià Badia      Centrist
Minister of Public Broadcasting Lysander Pelarro      Technocrat
Minister of Digital Infrastructure Miro Setander      Technocrat
Bureau Chief of the National Investigation Service Astolfo Valtorre Non-Partisan
Bureau Chief of the Office of National Intelligence Caroline Devereaux Non-Partisan

Defense Staff[edit]

The heads of the various branches of the Lyonine Military are non-voting and non-attendance members of the Executive Branch. In special Cabinet meetings the Chief of the Defense Staff will attend.

Position Name Party
Chief of the Defense Staff (Chair) Fleet Admiral Anne-Marie Cousteau Non-partisan
Vice Chair of the Defense Staff Air Chief Marshal Galen Dardan Non-partisan
First Sealord and Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Aurélien Gallois Non-partisan
Chief of the General Staff General Agrippa Avellino Non-partisan
Chief of the Air Staff Air Marshal Leda Prizzi Non-partisan
Commander, Joint Forces Command General Vittore Sassi Non-partisan
Lord Protector of the Imperial Guard First Lord Kadar Bacri Non-partisan
Commander, Special Forces Command General Artemisa Lonardo Non-partisan