Bureaus of Kadolha

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The Kadolhan State Bureaus are the principal units of the executive and legislative branch of the Kadolhan government. They are analogous to ministries in parliamentary or semi-presidential systems, but the Kadolhan system are led by a head of government who is also the head of state. Bureaus are administrative arms of the states. There are currently 16 bureaus.

The heads of Bureaus receive the title Bureau Executive of their respective bureau. Bureau Executives are selected by the Vrhovni Vođa and form the Council of Bureau Executives.

List of bureaus[edit]

Coat of Arms Bureau Formed Title
COA of Kadolha.png Internal Affairs 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of Internal Affairs
COA of Kadolha.png Foreign Affairs 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of Foreign Affairs
COA of Kadolha.png National Defence 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of National Defence
COA of Kadolha.png Finance 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of Finance
COA of Kadolha.png Labour 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of Labour
COA of Kadolha.png Healthcare 14 January 1927 Bureau Executive of Healthcare
COA of Kadolha.png Development and Infrastructure 9 December 1930 Bureau Executive of Development and Infrastructure
COA of Kadolha.png Transport and Telecommunications 16 June 1931 Bureau Executive of Transport and Telecommunications
COA of Kadolha.png Culture 10 April 1924 Bureau Executive of Culture
COA of Kadolha.png Education 3 March 1925 Bureau Executive of Education
COA of Kadolha.png Industry and Energy 17 July 1953 Bureau Executive of Industry and Energy
COA of Kadolha.png Trade and Tourism 26 May 1951 Bureau Executive of Trade and Tourism
COA of Kadolha.png Agriculture and Forestry 12 February 1949 Bureau Executive of Agriculture and Forestry
COA of Kadolha.png Environmental Protection 29 July 1950 Bureau Executive of Environmental Protection
COA of Kadolha.png Overseas Affairs 1 October 1935 Bureau Executive of Overseas Affairs
COA of Kadolha.png Administration 18 January 1927 Bureau Executive of Administration