Bloodian Socialist Republic

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Bloodian Socialist Republic
Krewska Rzeczpospolita Społeczna
Unrecognized state



"Robotnicy świata, łączcie się!"
"Workers of the world, unite!"
"The Internationale"
Capital Mierzejów (de facto)
Krzywogród (de jure)
Languages Bloodian
Religion State atheism
Demonym Bloodian
Government Marxist single-party state
Dictator of the Proletariat
 •  1886-1888 Lubomir Sobkowiak
Legislature People's Council
Historical era Industrial Revolution
 •  Establishment and beginning of the civil war 11 June 1886 1886
 •  Dissolution and end of the civil war 3rd September 1888
Currency Bloodian Labour Note
Today part of  Bloodia

The Bloodian Socialist Republic (Bloodian: Krewska Rzeczpospolita Społeczna) was a short-lived socialist rump state from 1886 to 1888 formed during the Bloodian Civil War. It was formed after a Worker's revolt against the monarchist coup in Bloodia in 1886, that eventually lead to a war between the socialist guerrillas, the monarchists and militarists.