Bloodian National Navy

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Bloodian National Navy
Krewskie Narodowe Siły Morskie

Ensign of the Bloodian National Navy
Active 10 February 1488 – present
(536 years, 2 months and 7 days)
Country  Bloodia
Allegiance Bloodia Naczelnik
Type Navy
Role Naval
Size 206,000 active personnel
40,000 reserve personnel
472 aircraft
200 vessels
  • ? submarines
  • ? aircraft carrier
  • ? amphibious ships
  • ? frigates
  • ? destroyers
  • ? corvettes
  • ? cruisers
  • ? minesweepers/hunters
  • ? patrol vessels
  • ? fast attack craft
  • ? auxiliary ships
  • 1 historical ship
Part of Bloodia Bloodian National Expeditionary and Defense Forces
Headquarters Naval Station Mierzejów Naval Station, Mierzejów
Nickname KNSM
Colors                Black, White, Gold
Anniversaries 10 February (Naval Day)
Engagements Kadolhan Reunification War
First Great War
Second Great War
Battle honours See battle honours

The Bloodian National Navy (Bloodian: Krewskie Narodowe Siły Morskie) is the naval component of the Bloodian National Expeditionary and Defense Forces.


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