Bloodian Colonial Authority

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Bloodian Colonial Authority
Flag of Bloodian Colonial Authority
Sovereign stateBloodia
Official languagesBloodian
GovernmentDependent administrations under a Revivalist one-party state
• Naczelnik
Ksenia Wojnarowska
• Total
27,358,333.2 km2 (10,563,111.5 sq mi)
• Estimate
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Bloodian Colonial Authority was established in 1952 replacing the former charter and trade charter system. The Authority was designed to give more centralized autonomy control for colonial regions and more effectiveness to fight communist uprisings in the colonies.

Administrative Regions[edit]

The Bloodian Colonial Authority is divided into multiple administrative regions then into Protectorates. The administrative regions are used to create a chain of command from protector to administrator to Director of Colonial Affairs to the Naczelnik. Administrative regions are headed by Administrators.

Maimunia Administrative Regions[edit]

Flag Arms Name Total population
West Maimunia 81,382,312
North Maimunia 54,591,203
Central Maimunia 171,509,100

Azaria Administrative Regions[edit]

Flag Arms Name Total population
West Azaria 20,309,120
East Azaria 97,403,102

Irisia Administrative Regions[edit]

Flag Arms Name Total population
Irisia 74,301,200


Protectorates are the lowest administrative division in the Colonial Authority headed by Protectors.

Flag Arms Name Region Population Capital Established
Kwiećczyna East Azaria 89,962,103 TBA 1952
North Issia West Azaria 5,310,306 TBA 1952
South Issia West Azaria 14,998,814 TBA 1952
Krios Central Maimunia 80,304,216 Wrzemieniogród 1952
Munduia Central Maimunia 30,306,987 TBA 1952
Karo Central Maimunia 15,302,598‬ TBA 1952
Kird-Yuli Central Maimunia 41,513,689 TBA 1952
File:New Oernland.png
New Oernland Central Maimunia 4,081,610 TBA 1967
Edio West Maimunia 16,276,462 TBA 1952
Tiw West Maimunia 14,276,462 TBA 1952
Fulah West Maimunia 15,274,464 TBA 1952
Czarny Coast West Maimunia 18,277,462 TBA 1952
Perunali East Azaria 4,417,348 TBA 1952
Kinolhas East Azaria 3,023,651 TBA 1952
Arsu North Maimunia 12,306,120 TBA 1952
Zawiya North Maimunia 15,306,902 TBA 1952
Manuzia North Maimunia 26,978,181 TBA 1952

Former protectorates[edit]

Flag Arms Name Region Population Capital Established Independence
Nayili Republic North Maimunia 15,293,910 Kair 1952 1968
Ipolia-Samstergenstein Irisia TBA Tarnenberg 1952 1961