Bloodian Civil War

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Bloodian Civil War
Date 11 June 1886 – 3rd September 1888
(2 years, 2 months, 3 weeks and 2 days)
Location Bloodia
Result Decisive Militarist victory
Supported by:
 Bloodian Socialist Republic  Republic of Bloodia
  • 120,000 personnel
Bloodian Socialist Republic
  • 80,000 personnel
  • 20,000 volunteers
Monarchist Bloodia
  • 100,000 personnel
Casualties and losses
21,941 42,091 24,182
56,000 civilians killed

The Bloodian Civil War started after the nobility and merchant classes crowned Czesław Krzywicki III President-King of the Bloodian Republic and began a series of laws to reinstate the hereditary monarchy. The civil war began when workers revolts had risen up throughout the republic and a large portion of the Bloodian Armed Forces had followed a General who rose to prominence from a peasant background, which was unheard of in Bloodia.