Beschermingskracht (Preisland)

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Protection Force
Helmet of a Beschermingskracht soldier, Kabuan Genocide and Remembrance Museum
LeaderAbraham Aschenborn
Drago Luckner
IdeologyBlack nationalism
StatusState-sponsored militia (1978–1999)
Dissolved, illegal (1999–present)
Size50,000–70,000 (1997 estimate)

The Beschermingskracht (Helligian: "Protection Force"; Miscatiean: Force de protection), sometimes known by their Miscatiean nickname têtes de mort (Helligian: doodshoofden; "heads of death"), was a paramilitary unit in Preisland created and led by Abraham Atse, the country's dictator from 1978 until 1999. The militia was originally formed in 1976 as Atse's personal bodyguard, but later evolved to become the national secret police.