Bernard l'Evesque

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Bernard Stephen l'Evesque (TKTK-TKTK) was an Odentian politician and economist who served as Prime Minister of Odentia from TKTK to TKTK.

Both to a wealthy family in Odeneville, l'Evesque was educated at a boarding school in Lyonia before returning to Odentia to attend university at TKTK. Upon graduating, he joined the Odentian Foreign Ministry as a staffer at the country's embassy in Lionsgate. In TKTK, he moved to Lyreaux to oversee Odentian public diplomacy efforts there, and was named Ambassador to Lyonia in TKTK. After a stint as deputy foreign minister, l'Evesque became Foreign Minister in TKTK; he spent TKTK years in the role, becoming a close ally and confidant of King Auguste III.

In TKTK, l'Evesque became Prime Minister of Odentia, assuming leadership of the Parti d'Odentien with Auguste's blessing.

l'Evesque was a leading proponent of Elysian integration, and was among the key architects of the (insert name of !EU here), along with his counterparts (name) and (name). While at the (name) summit in (city), he promulgated the (city) Doctrine, declaring that Elysian nations should pursue close unity in order to maximize their political power on the world stage. To that end, he favored Odentian accession to EDEN, he resigned the prime ministership in dissatisfaction after Auguste refused to provide support to such a move.

Bernard l'Evesque
xth Prime Minister of Odentia
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MonarchAugust III
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