Benjámin Takács

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Benjámin Takács
Takacs in 1987
8th President of Granzery
In office
6 July 1983 – 23 April 1998
Preceded byLaszlo Villam
Succeeded byAndor Király
Personal details
Born Benjámin Takács
(1930-12-01)1 December 1930
Sejpedek, Greater Véragyőr, Granzery
Political party Moderate
Profession Politician

Benjámin Takács was the eighth President of Granzery. He remains the longest serving Granzerian president, and second longest serving Granzerian head of state (excluding monarchs) after communist-era dictator Sergei Acéloz. He resigned in 1998 at the age of 70 after a minor heart attack left him hospitalised for two weeks. Despite his health greatly improving afterwards, he claimed that he would not return to politics due to health concerns regarding the stress involved with the office of President.