Battle off the coast of Froschberg

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Battle off the coast of Froschberg
ORP Metalowiec in Gdynia.JPG
The Tarantul-I class RZNV Erisvorsh, which took part in the battle
Date11 December 2020
South of Froschberg
Result Ziridavan victory
 Ziridava  Ausferiland
Commanders and leaders
Ziridava Stoyan Plamen Ausferiland Kaspar Gisbert
Units involved
Ziridava Republic of Ziridava Navy Ausferiland Ausferiland National Navy
Ziridava 3 missile boats
2 frigates
2 destroyers
Ausferiland 2 patrol boats
3 fast attack crafts
1 frigate
Casualties and losses
Ziridava 1 fast attack craft damaged
2 killed, 7 wounded
Ausferiland All vessels sunk
unknown killed

The Battle off the coast of Froschberg was a naval engagement that took place during the 2020 Ausfer-Ziridavan War, fought on December 11 2020 between the naval forces of Ziridava and Ausferiland. It was the only naval battle to take place during the war, and was used by the Ziridavan navy to test their new armaments such as the SB-07 AShM in combat for the first time.



Early in the morning, the Ausferilandian navy scrambles various vessels from their port in Froschberg including 2 P400-class patrol boats, 3 La Combattante IIa-class fast attack crafts, and 1 Georges Leygues-class frigate. Ziridavan naval forces in the area, including 3 Tarantul-class missile boats, 2 La Fayette frigates, and 2 Vikhŭr-class destroyers moved in to engage the Ausferilandian navy once they were alerted. The first shots were fired at 11 AM when the RZNV Erisvorsh destroys an Ausferilandian patrol boat with 76mm cannon fire. Soon after, the RZNV Iskar sinks a La Combattante IIa with two SB-07 AShMs. At 1 PM, the Ziridavan fleet made contact with both Georges Leygues-class frigates and another La Combattante IIa-class fast attack craft. The Ausferilandian vessels launched anti-ship missiles at the Ziridavans, however they fail to hit after the Ziridavans deploy electronic countermeasures and chaff rockets. One Ziridavan Tarantul-class is engaged by an Ausferilandian fast attack craft and hit by a 57mm round, causing damage and causing several casualties amongst the sailors onboard. The Ziridavan fleet moved in and fired a barrage of anti-ship missiles, sinking the Georges Leygues-class and the last La Combattante, and disabling the last patrol boat. The disabled P400-class is sunk soon after with 76mm cannons from Ziridavan missile boats. With the devastating losses taken, the Ausferilandian defense forces order the rest of their navy to return and stay to defend their ports. Ziridavan vessels remain within a standoff range to defend their own ports in response.