Battle of Lozen

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Battle of Lozen
Part of 2021 Kozelsk War

Ordian trucks after an ambush near Lozen
Date28 August - September 6th 2021
West of Lozen Mountains, Ziridava
Result Ziridavan victory
 Ziridava  Ordia
Commanders and leaders
Ziridava Kiril Deliivanov
Ziridava Mladen Georgiev
Ziridava Evlogi Angelov
Ziridava Panteley Bozhidarov
Ordia Pavo Malinovsky
Ordia TBD
Units involved

Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces

116th Combat Wing

Ordia Ordian Army

  • 14th Mechanized Brigade
  • 3rd battalion, 12th Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
Ziridava 3,700 troops Ordia >3,500 personnel
Casualties and losses
Ziridava Ziridavan claim: 57 killed, 129 wounded, 3 tanks damaged, 5 AFVs destroyed
Ordian claim:
Ordia Ordian claim:
178 killed, 298 wounded
Ziridavan claim: 296 killed, 530 wounded

The Battle of Lozen was a battle that took place during the 2021 Kozelsk War, fought between August 28 to September 1 2021. The battle took place to the west of the Lozen Mountains, where the Ordian 14th Mechanized Brigade, supported by a battalion from the 4th Infantry Division, attempted to take a piece of highway which connected Gravan to the rest of Ziridava. The battle lasted 4 days, being won by the Ziridavans after pushing the Ordian forces back with the assistance of tank forces implemented in their unit, which the Ordian side lacked in the battle.