Battle of Gravan (2021)

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Battle of Gravan (2021)
Part of 2021 Kozelsk War

Destroyed BMP-2 after the battle
Date28 August - September 15 2021
Gravan, Ziridava
Result Ziridavan victory
 Ziridava  Ordia
Commanders and leaders
Ziridava Kiril Deliivanov
Ziridava Stanko Abadjiev
Ziridava Nikifor Boyanov
Ordia Pavo Malinovsky
Ordia TBD
Units involved

Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces

Ordia Ordian Army

  • 4th Infantry Division
Ziridava TBD Ordia TBD
Casualties and losses
Ziridava Ziridavan claim: 80 killed, 190 wounded
17 armoured vehicles destroyed
1 AH-64D shot down, 2 Si-35 shot down
Ordian claim: TBD
Ordia Ziridavan claim:
140 killed, 226 wounded, 20 captured
Ordian claim:
88 killed, 146 wounded
TBD AFVs destroyed
2 tanks destroyed, 5 damaged
2 VeK-29s and 2 helicopters shot down

The Battle of Gravan was a battle that took place during the 2021 Kozelsk War, fought between August 28 to September 15 2021. The battle took place to the northeast and northwest of Gravan, which the Ordian 4th Infantry Division take.



Ziridavan forces defending their position at night during the battle

The battle began on the 28 of August, simultaneously with other Ordian offensives into Kozelsk. The OAF initiated the battle with a heavy artillery bombardment on Ziridavan positions, while advancing south towards Gravan from two prongs. The 4th Infantry Division had been trained specifically for fighting in hills and mountains, an advantage they capitalized on against the Ziridavan national guard forces that were mainly trained in defending towns and against armoured forces.

Soon after the Ordians attacked, elements of the Ziridavan 79th Mechanized Guard Brigade to the northeast conducted a fighting retreat back to Gravan, where a second line of defence had been established earlier on. Ziridavan forces to the northwest had more success due to Ordian forces coming across minefields planted by the Ziridavans prior. Upon sunrise, RZAF attack helicopters had taken off to support the 79th brigade, although were forced to halt sorties after losing 2 Si-35s in a few hours. Both helicopters were shot down by Ordian MANPADS.



Abandoned Ordian D-30 howitzers after a Ziridavan counterattack