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720 BC–785 AD
Location of Bastarnae civilization
Extent of the Bastarnae civilisation including the three major Bastarnae kingdoms.
Capital Sutta
Languages Bastarnae
Religion Paganism
Amiraism (after 224CE)
Orientalism (after 603CE)
Government Non-hereditary Monarchy
Legislature Bastarnae Empire
Historical era Iron Age, Classical antiquity,
 •  Established 720 BC
 •  The last Bastarnae cultures are incorporated into the Kingdom of Granzery 785 AD
Currency Bastarnae coinage (5th century BC onward)
Today part of

The Bastarnae civilization was a civilization of ancient Granzery in the area corresponding roughly to Bastarny, western Nagykert, eastern Szász-Nagykun and Greater Véragyőr between 720BCE and 785AD.

The first identifiable Bastarnae culture emerged in Granzery in the 8th Century BC, developing from an earlier proto-Bastarnae culture which was nestled further east towards the Karpathian mountains. This civilization remained the predominant power in Granzery until being pushed out and largely destroyed by the invading Sassic tribes. Bastarnae cultures continued to endure until being assimilated by the invading Grozyar tribes around 785 CE.