BMP-22 Yazovets

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BMP Yazovets

Second prototype in testing
Type Infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin  Ziridava
Service history
In service 2023
Production history
Designed 2013-2020
Manufacturer PAZ Heavy Industries
Ziridava Armaments Group
Produced 2022
Specifications (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
Weight 25 t without add-on armour, 40 t with armour installed
Length 7.5 m
Width 3.5 m
Height 2.7 m
Crew 3 + 7-8 personnel

Armor Hull: Steel reinforced with optional composite armour plates
Turret: Level 2 according to STANAG 4569/A
GALIX passive/active protection system
Kaiserliche Waffenkammer KW-30 Ausf. Zir 30mm gun
1 × MG-MT 7.62x51mm coaxial MG
x2 SSMI-47 anti tank missile launchers
Engine 8SY40 8-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine
711 horsepower, 2,212 lb-ft torque
Payload capacity x200 30mm rounds
x2 ATGM rounds
x1,800 7.62mm rounds
Suspension Hydropneumatic
~ 600 km
Speed 70 km/h on road

The BMP-22 Yazovets (Infantry Fighting Vehicle-22 "Badger"/Бойна машина на пехотата Язовец) is a Ziridavan infantry fighting vehicle, designed to replace the Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces' aging fleet of BMP-23s and BMP-2s.




The BMP-22 is equipped with an unmanned turret, known as the TBBM-30 (Турель безпілотної бойової машини-30/Unmanned Fighting Vehicle Turret-30). The turret was developed in a seperate program, with early design stages beginning as early as 2012 in anticipation of replacing the RZAF's IFV fleet. The TBBM-30 is equipped with a Vazandian KW-30 Ausf. Zir 30mm autocannon with 200 rounds, 2 Temischan SSMI-47 anti-tank missile launchers, and the MG-MT, a domestically produced PKM chambered to fire 7.62x51mm. The turret is equipped with an indigenous fire control system, with modern thermals and a hunter-killer capability. Systems include the GOD-1 (commander sight) and GOC-1 (gunner sight) stabilized optoelectronic sights, 8 multispectral smoke grenade launchers, and a laser rangefinder.


The BMP-22's powerplant is an 8SY40 V8 twin turbo diesel engine, which was designed under contract by Pogoren Automotive Works and produced by the armoured vehicle division of the Ziridava Armaments Group. The engine is capable of producing 711 horsepower and 2,212 lb-ft of torque, which can propel the vehicle up to 70 km/h on paved road, with add-on armour installed. Although the first prototype was built with amphibious capabilities, this capability was eventually scrapped due to scepticism about costs, maintenance, and whether it would actually be used regularly.


The base layer of the BMP-22's armour is capable of stopping up to 14.5mm HMG rounds. With the optional composite armour installed, protection is increased significantly, allowing the front of the IFV to stop 30mm APDS rounds fired from the Stasnovan 2A72 autocannon. The optional composite side armour is capable of stopping up to 25mm rounds. The BMP-22 can also be equipped with the Acronian GALIX passive/active protection system, further increasing survivability against anti-armour weapons. The fuel tank is self-sealing, and the Yazovets is equipped with an automatic fire suppression system.


  • PBM-1: Initial prototype version with amphibious capability, 1 built.
  • PBM-2: Second prototype version, 3 built.
  • BMP-22 Yazovets: Initial production variant, began production in 2022.
  • BMP-22E Yazovets: Proposed export variant


Future operators[edit]

  •  Ziridava: To begin entering service in 2023, 800 on order to replace all BMP-23s and BMP-2s

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