From Atlas
Type Mobile anti-ballistic missile system
Place of origin  Zolevskoy
Service history
In service 2020-present
Production history
Designer Zolevskoy Armaments Group
Trapp Militärtechnik AG
Designed 2013-present
Manufacturer Rogol Systems Inc.
Trapp Militärtechnik AG
Produced 2018-present
Weight 870 kg (1,920 lb) (Missile)
Length 5.498 m (18.04 ft)
Diameter 40 cm (16 in)

Maximum range 200 kilometres (120 mi)

Engine Solid-fuel rocket motor
Flight altitude 60 km (200,000 ft)
Speed Mach 7 (1.5 mi/s; 2.4 km/s)

The B-POGO (Zolevskoyan: Бъдеще за противоракетна отбрана с голям обсег/Bŭdeshte za protivoraketna otbrana s golyam obseg, English: Long Range Missile Defense - Future), known in Vazandia as the Flugabwehrrakete-30a (FAR-30a) "Musketier", is a Zolevskoyan/Vazandian anti-ballistic missile defense system being developed by Korveke Aerospace Engineering in cooperation with Trapp Militärtechnik AG, designed to intercept missiles at altitudes of 40-60 kilometers. The B-POGO is designed with the purpose of shooting down ballistic missiles operated by the Vastava Pact and Véragyőr Security Organization in their terminal phase. The missile launchers are accompanied by a towed S band AESA radar.

The B-POGO will be used as the highest tier air defense system of the Republic of Zolevskoy Armed Forces, as part of the Next Generation Aerospace Defense Project. The lower tiers will be composed of the PPO-05 Shtuka, PPSD-20, and the PSDR-21. The Zolevskoyan armed forces have begun procurement of the B-POGO, and is expected to achieve full operational capability by 2023.


Planned Operators[edit]

  •  Vazandia: To be operated as Flugabwehrrakete-30a (FAR-30a) "Musketier"