Ausferilandian Civil War

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Ausferilandian Civil War

South Kardzhalian tank near Glaz
Date2 September - 22 December 2020
Result South Kardzhali, Ziridavan victory
Supported by:
 South Kardzhali
Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
Ausferiland Petko Alexander
(President, Commander-in-Chief)
Ausferiland Patrick Klemens
(Commander of the ANDF)
South Kardzhali Bojidar Viktor
Republic of South Kardzhali Zahari Radko
(Commander of the Unified Armed Forces)
Ziridava Nedyalko Valov
President, Commander-in-Chief
Ziridava Teodor Cherganski
Minister of Defense
Ziridava Kiril Deliivanov
Chief of the General Staff
Units involved
Ausferiland Ausferiland National Defense Force South Kardzhali United Armed Forces of South Kardzhali
Republic of Ziridava Ground Forces
Republic of Ziridava Air Force
File:NavalflagZiridava.png Republic of Ziridava Navy
Ausferiland 250,000 troops South Kardzhali ~13,000 fighters
Ziridava <90,000 troops
Casualties and losses
Ausferiland 3,635 South Kardzhali 3,184

The Ausferilandian Civil War was an armed conflict in northern Ausferiland. As ethnic and political tensions in the country continued to mount, Ausfer-Ziridavan activist Dragan Marko was found dead in the city of Glaz, suspected to have been killed by Ausferilandian security forces. Concurrent anti-goverment protests in the north of Ausferiland escalated into armed rebellions. Armed conflict officially began on September 2nd 2020, when the city of Glaz was taken over, and the Republic of South Kardzhali was declared by Bojidar Viktor. Since then, the Unified Kardzhali Armed Forces have advanced further south, to take the region which is known as Nordvernova in Ausferiland, and as South Kardzhali in Ziridava.


Demographic tensions[edit]

Throughout the first half of 2020, minor clashes between pro-Ausferilandian and pro-Ziridavan groups had been increasing both in frequency and intensity, although full scale hostilities had not yet broken out. Although some argue that the civil war began when the first clashes began in February, this is generally not the consensus.

Acre Bombings[edit]

Citizen's Security Law and unrest[edit]

Death of Dragan Marko[edit]

Outbreak of war[edit]

Initial rebel gains[edit]

Rebel advance and Siege of Hauptplatz[edit]


Ziridavan invasion[edit]

Main Article: 2020 Ausfer-Ziridavan War

Ceasefire and end of the war[edit]

Opposing forces[edit]


Republic of South Kardzhali[edit]

International reactions[edit]

States in support of South Kardzhali[edit]

States in support of Ausferiland[edit]

Neutral states[edit]