Ausferilandian-Kardzhalian Conflict

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Ausferilandian-Kardzhalian Conflict
Location of South Kardzhali and Ausferiland
Date2 September 2020 - present


 South Kardzhali
Supported by:
Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
South Kardzhali Bojidar Viktor
Ziridava Evgeni Mihov
Temischa Stanis Yulchek
Vazandia Carsten Bach
Ausferiland Patrick Klemens
Ausferiland Petko Alexander
Stasnov Nikolai Krasnov
Units involved

South Kardzhali South Kardzhali Defense Army
Ziridava Republic of Ziridava Armed Forces

Vazandia Imperial Republican Armed Forces

Temischa Temischois Armed Forces
Ausferiland Ausferiland National Defense Force
Stasnov Stasnovan Revolutionary Army
Granzery Granzerian Royal Defence Force
Ziridava ~25,000 troops (2021)
South Kardzhali ~12,000 troops
Vazandia 200 advisors
Temischa ~600
Ausferiland 200,000 troops
Stasnov TBD
Casualties and losses
Ziridava 90 killed, 398 wounded, 5 MIA, 16 AFVs, 4 aircraft, 3 helicopters
South Kardzhali 200 killed, 389 wounded
Ausferiland 405 killed, 1249 wounded, 146 AFVs, 57 aircraft, 12 helicopters, 6 naval vessels
Granzery 1 aircraft, 13 killed, 24 wounded
Total civilians killed/wounded: 5,000-12,500

The Ausferilandian-Kardzhalian Conflict is an ongoing ethno-political conflict over the region of Kardzhali, which broke away and declared independence as South Kardzhali in 2020. Despite winning a war against Ausferiland with the assistance of the Ziridavan military, violence has continued ever since. As of 2021, the conflict has drawn in various regional and world powers including Ziridava, Temischa, and Vazandia in support of South Kardzhali, as well as Stasnov and Gorbatov in support of Ausferiland's government under Patrick Klemens. Under Petko Alexander, Ausferiland was supported mainly by Granzery.


Parabellum era[edit]

Ethnic tensions[edit]

Events before 2020[edit]

Events 2020-present[edit]

Expulsion of Ziridavans to north Ausferiland[edit]

Civil War[edit]

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Ziridavan Intervention[edit]

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After the 2020 war[edit]

Ausferilandian Coup D'etat[edit]

Stalemate and continued conflict[edit]

Foreign Intervention[edit]

In support of South Kardzhali[edit]

In support of Ausferiland[edit]


South Kardzhali and allies[edit]

Ausferiland and allies[edit]