Ausferiland retaliatory strikes (April 2021)

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Ausferiland retaliatory strikes (April 2021)

Vazandian KFZ-7 at Haskovo AFB shortly before the strikes
DateApril 17 2020

All targets either destroyed or severely damaged

  • South Kardzhali captures territory west of Cham
  • Stasnovan intervention
 South Kardzhali
Supported by:
Supported by:
Commanders and leaders
Ziridava Nedyalko Valov
Temischa Stanis Yulchek
Vazandia Carsten Bach
South Kardzhali Bojidar Viktor
Ausferiland Patrick Klemens
Units involved

Ziridava Republic of Ziridava Air Force

Ausferiland Ausferiland National Defense Force

Ziridava 9 KFZ-7ZK Slam Falkes, 6 Mirage 2000-5s, CAEW and ELINT aircraft
Temischa Temischa: 1,500 special forces operatives (Ausferiland claim, denied by Temischa)

500 COAS Operatives (Khardzali Independent Observers Group, Denied by Temischa)
Vazandia 20 KFZ-7/Sb, 20 RFZ-5cU, 20 KFZ-7b
South Kardzhali 600 troops, 15 trucks, 3 BTR-60s
Ausferiland ~1,200 troops, 20 AFVs, 45 trucks
Casualties and losses
South Kardzhali 28 killed Ausferiland 3 air defense batteries, 5 Vertega V-10s, ANDF GHQ destroyed, 120 Ausferilandian soldiers killed (Ziridavan, Vazandian, Temischan claim)
5 soldiers and 45 civilians killed (Ausferilandian government claim)

The Ausferilandian retaliatory strikes of April 2021 were a series of attacks against the Ausferiland National Defense Force's command infrastructure, air defenses, and forces near the frontline between Ausferiland and South Kardzhali. The strike was a coordinated effort between the forces of Ziridava, Vazandia, and Temischa in retaliation for the assassination of a former Kardzhalian commander, Kuzman Grigor. The primary targets were Ausferilandian command infrastructure and air defense forces for the Ziridavan and Vazandian air forces, while Temischa launched ground operations against the Ausferilandian army and gained territory for Kardzhali, which was provided air defense by the Ziridavan air force.



Ziridavan-Vazandian strikes on Acre[edit]

At 1:30 AM local time on April 17th, the joint Ziridavan-Vazandian departed from the Haskovo Air Force Base. The Ziridavan squadron consisted of 7 KFZ-7ZK Slam Falke strike fighters as well as an AWACS and ELINT aircraft, while the Vazandian squadrons consisted of 20 KFZ-7/Sb and 20 RFZ-5cU SEAD fighters. An additional 20 KFZ-7b air superiority fighters provided fighter support for the attack. The entire force moved over the Achelian Sea just south of Gjevuri towards Ausferiland to reduce the risk of early detection. The attack was lead by the Vazandian flight of SEAD aircraft, who would first destroy Ausferilandian air defenses on the route to Acre. The Ziridavan force followed behind, and were armed with 500 pound JDAM bombs to attack the main targets.

Upon reaching Ausferilandian airspace, the attack against air defenses of the ANDF had begun. Most air defense batteries were concentrated north towards the frontline with South Kardzhali, thus resistance was relatively light. The Vazandian air forces had destroyed 2 batteries of Crotales and 1 battery of FEKERs. Once given the signal to begin their attack, the Ziridavan jets began moving to an altitude of 10,000 ft towards Acre. The general headquarters of the ANDF was large without many neighboring buildings, thus making it an easier target. Once close enough, 3 of the 9 KFZ-7ZKs dropped 4 Mk. 82 bombs each which were each targeted at one wing of the facility. Many of the staff had already evacuated the building as soon as the first reports of the attack came in, some of who attempted to warn civilians in the area to evacuate. At approximately 2:55 AM local time, explosions from the bombs were reported, as well as ANDF anti-air cannons attempting to engage the Ziridavan fighters.

Once it had been confirmed that the GHQ was destroyed, the Ziridavan fighters turned and began attacking the nearby Volgar airbase. At least 8 hangars were attacked, and another 5 Vertega V-10s of the Ausferilandian air force were destroyed as they were on the ground waiting to take off. After completing their objectives, Vazandian and Ziridavan fighters returned to high altitude and turned back to the Haskovo AFB. Although the attack lasted for less than an hour, the entire GHQ had effectively been demolished, and the ANDF's air defense capabilities were crippled even further.

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