Ausferiland National Defense Force

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Ausferiland National Defense Force
Service branchesAusferiland National Army

Ausferiland National Air Force

Ausferiland National Navy
HeadquartersAcre, Ausferiland
Commander in chiefPatrick Klemens
Chief of general staffFrank Thorben
Military age17-55
ConscriptionAge 17 for 2 years minimum, as of August 2019
Active personnel126,000
Reserve personnel350,000
Foreign suppliers Gorbatov

The Ausferiland National Defense Force is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Ausferiland.



Army Command[edit]

I Army Corps - Linderz[edit]

  • 1st Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 3rd Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 9th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 10th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 15th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 17th Motor Rifle Brigade

II Army Corps - Cham[edit]

  • 2nd Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 4th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 6th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 8th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 13th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 1st Tank Brigade
  • 2nd Tank Brigade

III Army Corps - Spallerhof[edit]

  • 7th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 11th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 12th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 16th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 18th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 19th Motor Rifle Brigade

IV Army Corps - Acre[edit]

  • 20th Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 21st Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 22nd Motor Rifle Brigade
  • 1st Artillery Brigade
  • 2nd Artillery Brigade
  • 26th Anti-Tank Regiment

V Army Corps - Froschberg[edit]

  • 8th Army Corps




Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
M1930  Vazandia Pistol 9x19mm Kept in reserves
CZ-75  Odentia Pistol 9x19mm
FAL  Odentia Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm Former main service rifle, used by reserves and special forces
AV-62  Gorbatov Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm Donated by Gorbatov
AV-75  Gorbatov Assault Rifle 5.45x45mm In active service, donated by Gorbatov
M16A2  Vazandia Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm In active service, donated by Gorbatov
M4  Vazandia Carbine 5.56x45mm Used by special forces
RK-62  Gorbatov Light machine gun 7.62x39mm Donated by Gorbatov
FN Minimi  Odentia Light machine gun 5.56×45mm
MAG  Odentia GPMG 7.62x51mm
M2  Odentia Heavy machine gun 50. BMG
MP-3  Chilokver Submachine gun 9x19mm
SV-64  Gorbatov Designated marksman rifle 7.62x54mmR Donated by Gorbatov
Arctic Warfare File:Accuracy International AW.png  Acronia Sniper rifle 7.62x51mm
KSV-99  Gorbatov Anti-material rifle 12.7×108mm Donated by Gorbatov
KSV-08  Gorbatov Anti-material rifle 14.5×114mm Donated by Gorbatov

Anti-Tank and Anti-Air[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
PCRK 100M  Granzery Disposable anti-tank weapon 90mm
Recoilfreiesgewehr-49  Vazandia Recoilless rifle 84mm
FIM-92 Stinger  Vazandia MANPADS 70mm
IVR 97M  Granzery MANPADS 3x submunitions, 0.90kg tungsten alloy darts
MILAN  Acronia Anti-tank Guided Missile 136mm
APIR 81M  Granzery Anti-tank Guided Missile 130mm


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
Vertega V-10FK  Granzery Multirole Fighter 13
Alpha Jet  Acronia Light attack/advanced trainer 2
A/AH-75A Kingfisher  Acronia Attack Helicopter 3
Pék H-98 Toad  Granzery Utility/Transport Helicopter 30



Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
M60A3 Main Battle Tank 150 105 mm smoothbore gun  Temischa
PcKTr-38S4-2 Main Battle Tank 38 WKW Iparag PL 76M 110mm rifled gun  Granzery 38 models of an order of 200 provided prior to an arms embargo of Ausferiland put in place in 2020.
VCB.80 Conquistador-2A4 Main Battle Tank 230 120 mm smoothbore gun  Verdesa
VCB.80 Conquistador-2A5 Main Battle Tank 90 120 mm smoothbore gun  Verdesa 90 purchased from Verdesa between 2008-2010
BT-67 Main Battle Tank 200 125 mm smoothbore gun  Gorbatov Donated by Gorbatov; around 75 BT-67BMs and 125 BT-67BVs
BT-82 Main Battle Tank 50 125 mm smoothbore gun  Gorbatov Donated by Gorbatov; entirely composed of BT-82As.

Armored Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
VTB.72 Bisonte Armoured personnel carrier 398  Verdesa
VCI.71 "Chacal" Infantry Fighting Vehicle 40  Verdesa
VCI.90 Jabali Infantry Fighting Vehicle 115  Verdesa
VME.200 "Oso" Internal Security Vehicle
Infantry Mobility Vehicle
54  Verdesa

Utility Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
Ariza-D 15T Truck 541  Verdesa 4x4 and 6x6 variants in service
Sd.Kfz-80 "Ochse" Light utility vehicle 370  Granzery


Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
MO 81 LLR F1 81mm mortar 460  Acronia
MO 120 RT-61 120mm mortar 230  Acronia
Verdugo Obús-105/204 105mm Howitzer 40  Verdesa
Haubitze-2a6 105mm Howitzer 120  Vazandia
PH-53 130mm Howitzer 204  Stasnov Donated by Gorbatov; around 34 batteries
AMB.30/155 Lancero 155mm Self-propelled howitzer 67  Verdesa
AMB.86 Arcabuz 155mm Self-propelled howitzer 45  Verdesa
RU-65 122mm Multiple rocket launcher 40  Gorbatov Donated by Gorbatov; 10 batteries


Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
Tanti.73 "Arquero" SPAAG 14  Chilokver
L 1M SLR Medium range SAM 8  Granzery
Crotale Short/medium range SAM 19  Acronia
SR-68 High/medium range SAM 32  Gorbatov Donated by Gorbatov; eight batteries of SR-68M3s.

Naval vessels[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
P400-class Patrol boat 7  Acronia
La Combattante IIa class Fast attack craft 1  Acronia
Georges Leygues-class Frigate 3  Acronia
Type 039-class Diesel-electric submarine 2  Elesar
Gaeta-class Minesweeper 7  Lyonia