Astolfo VII Arleaux

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Astolfo VII
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Astolfo VII c.2016
Hegezar of the Lyonine
Reign28 February 1977 - 25 February 2020
PredecessorHenri II
Heir apparentArtús Arleaux
Born (1933-05-31) 31 May 1933 (age 89)
Paladar ne Flor, Lyo City, Lyonine Empire
Died25 February 2020
Centre Hospitalier Princesse-Helene
BurialArleaux Tombs
SpouseIzelda Sicarde (m. 1964)
IssueAstolfo VIII (Artus)
Prince Bertholomiu
(Queen-Consort of Acronius)
Full name
Corvus Astolfus Henri Filip
FatherHenri II, LVIII Sovereign
MotherAurella Castia, Lady of Antina
ReligionPrimèr Fuòc (First Flame)

Astolfo VII (Lyonine: Astolfus VII), full name; Corvus Astolfus Henri Filip; born 31 May 1933, wasthe Hegezar of the Lyonine until his death on February 25, 2020 from heart failure.

Astolfo was the first child of four that Hegezar Henri II had with his consort Aurella Castia. Astolfo was born during the reign of his great-grandmother the Hegezarin Caterine I and would be alive during his grandfather and father's subsequent reigns. Due to the length of the reigns of the House of Arleaux it was not uncommon for a sovereign to be enthroned in the forties or older thus meaning their reigns were not super long due to the age gap that had developed. By the time of his father's death in 1977, Astolfo was aged forty three. With the advancements of medicines and life expectancy going up, he has enjoyed a long fifty five year reign and died aged 86.

Astolfo was privately educated at both the primary and secondary level, going on to study International Security and Diplomacy at the University of Troizen. In 1964 Astolfo married Izelda Sicarde, whom he met at university. The couple currently have three children; Crown Prince Artus, the Prince Bertholomiu and her Majesty Eugénie who is Queen-Consort of Acronius.

Before ascending to the Lyonine throne, Astolfo had taken an active role in domestic Lyonine issues. He also worked with high profile charities to raise money for child trafficking, malaria, and HIV/AIDs research. Since becoming Hegezar, Astolfo has made it his mission to push forward with a green alternative energy agenda for the Empire, helping to reduce the nation's carbon footprint and thus overall contribution to global climate change.

Early life[edit]

Astolfo was born on 31 May 1933 at the Paladar ne Flor during the reign of Hegezarin Catherine I of House Arleaux, his great-grandmother. Astolfo was the first of two children of then second in line to the throne, Prince Henri. Astolfo's godparents were Duke Giovanni of Casiglia and his wife Dorothea. Much of Astolfo's early life was spent with his father at their estate Ravina, however the Prince did visit a number of countries on overseas imperial visits.

Astolfo would attend the Three Crowns Academy, a Lyonine Private boarding school located in Aerelle, from the age of five; The school is both primary and secondary in level. Astolfo would move on to collegiate level education at age 16 at the same school, achieving standard grades. He would gain a place at the University of Troizen in 1962 studying International Security and Diplomacy. He graduated four years later with a 2:1. Following his graduation, Astolfo would go on to work for a number of charities as a national ambassador, representing a number of organizations at local and international events. After the birth of his first child, Prince Artus in 1964 and then his second the Prince Bartholomiu in 1966 it was decided by Astolfo that he would attend the University of Lepari to attempt a Masters Degree in International Policy and Strategic Concerns. He received his masters degree in the summer of 1968 with a 1st. Astolfo made it clear he wanted to receive his PhD in International Strategic Concerns and attended the Upper College at the University of Lepari in 1970 following the birth of his daughter Eugénie in 1969. He would go on to graduate with his PhD in 1973 receiving the position of first in his class of 30 at the University in the degree. Astolfo later as Crown Prince founded the International Charity for the Displaced Persons which he serves as Honorary President of now.

On 14 February 1977 Henri II was taken to the hospital in Lio City where he was diagnosed with having had a heart attack. Immediately Astolfo was sworn in as Regent and just three days later Henri II died. The coronation took place a in May and thus began the reign of Astolfo VII.


Following the death of Henri II on 17 February 1977, Astolfo officially succeeded to the Lyonine throne as Astolfo VII. His official coronation at the Palas de Asteris took place on the 7th of May 1977.

Since his coronation Astolfo has acted as a stabilizing figure. Astolfo chose to become more politically involved, invoking Article VII of the Charter that allowed the monarch to oversee more of the matters of state.

Astolfo also made it his personal mission to lead the charge in Lyonia to reduce the nation's carbon footprint and increase green energy. This led to the successful Nuclear First Campaign from 1982-1987 which saw the Marais and the Segase administrations commission ten new nuclear reactors that would drastically cut the nation's demand on foreign fuel imports. The first was completed in 1983 with a new one coming online in each successive year until 1993. Astolfo has also pursued subsidies for solar panels and wind turbines to make them more affordable for the average citizen. Under his patronage the Electric Energy firm called Electrivision has pushed the boundaries in terms of renewable energy technology and efficient batteries for solar panels.

Throughout his reign Astolfo has played host to foreign leaders that have come to Lyonia on official state visits, rolling out the red carpet for them and taking the charm offensive to new heights. While Astolfo plays host at home, other members of the Imperial Family along with Astolfo on occasion make trips abroad as official ambassadors of the Lyonine people. Indeed the Lyonine government has long seen the Imperial Family as one of its best assets abroad.

Personal life[edit]

The official residences of the Hegezar and the Imperial Family are the Paladar ne Flor, in Lyo City and Paladar ne Lys in Tolon.

The Hegezar is described as a keen poet and reader, and has been known to spend hours in his library along with entertaining other poets and writers at her own personal island hotel estate of Adriano. The Hegezar is also known to work the front desk at his own Hotel Adriano whenever he visits as he enjoys to step out of the shoes of the monarch from time to time. Famous Lyonine celebrities along with foreign and domestic nobility are known to stay at the hotel from time to time, regardless of whether the Hegezar is present.

The Hegezar is passionate about the environment which has taken up a sizable portion of his charitable work. The Hegezar is believed to take regular walks across the countryside of the Empire. He is also a well known mountain climber having scaled each of the seven tallest mountains in the Empire several times along with many of the other highest peaks in the world. The Hegezar has represented the Empire on numerous occasions as a Prince of the Realm in Equestrian sports along with Fencing having won two gold medals himself. Astoflo is also known to just take unsupervised walks through Lyo City and other Lyonine cities to see how his people are doing and enjoy a day among his people, as such his popularity has enjoyed exceptionally high numbers for the last couple decades.


At 9:00am local time (Lyreaux City), Astolfo VII was hospitalized after collapsing at his desk in the Palace. News began to circulate about his failing health and Astolfo suffered a heart attack at 11:00am local time. Regency was established by his heir apparent Artus Arleaux at 1:00pm local time. At 9:34pm local time Astolfo VII was pronounced dead due to heart failure. Artus Arleaux was proclaimed Hegezar at 9:40pm local time and assumed the name Astolfo VIII in his father's honor.

Titles, styles, and honours[edit]


  • 31 May 1933 – 18 March 1966: His Serene Highness Prince Corvus of the Lyonine Empire
  • 18 March 1966 – 17 February 1977: His Imperial Highness Ascendant Prince Corvus of the Lyonine Empire
  • 17 February 1977 – 25 February 2020: His Imperial Majesty Astolfo VII, Hegezar of the Lyonine Empire


Below are the National and Foreign honours that Astolfo has received during his life.

National honours[edit]

  •  Lyonia: Sovereign of the Order of Golden Lion
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign Knight Grand Commander with Collar of the Order of the Great Sun
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign Order of the Imperial Family, Order of Renald IV
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign of the Imperial Family, Order of Helene I
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign of the Military Order of Henri I
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign of Royal Order of the Solar Crown
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign of Royal Order of the Tidal Crown
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign Recipient of the Silver Shield Medal of Honour
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign Recipient of the Silver Shield Medal for Merit
  •  Lyonia: Sovereign Recipient of the Civil Order of Ambria

Foreign honours[edit]