Activities Division "Rat"

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Activities Division "Rat"
Alleged ADR operatives
Active Unknown, believed to be formed in 2002
Country  Ziridava
Allegiance President of Ziridava
Branch Ziridava Security Intelligence Agency
Type Clandestine paramilitary force
Role Black operations
Covert operations
Direct action
Targeted killing
Psychological warfare
Size Unknown
Part of Unknown
Nickname "Rats"

Activities Division "Rat" (Ziridavan: Отдел дейности "Плъх") is an alleged clandestine operations unit under the command of the Ziridava Security Intelligence Agency. Although the Ziridavan government has denied the existence, it is believed the unit is used by the ZSIA to conduct black operations and guerrilla warfare against enemies of the state, without conducting overt attacks. The unit is allegedly made up of Ziridavan special forces veterans, as well as long-serving member of the ZSIA, and often use equipment/clothing that is commonly found in their area of operations to blend in as local fighters or civilians. Due to the unit's existence being denied, not much else is known besides what has been said by those who claim to have worked with the unit.


Selection and training[edit]


Alleged actions[edit]