Acerrian Republican Armed Forces

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Acerrian Republican Armed Forces
Forces Armées Républicaines Acérriennes
Service branchesAcerrian Republican Army, Acerrian Republican Navy, Acerrian Republican Air Corps
ConsulGrégoire Michaux
Minister of DefenseTimothé Beaulieu
Chief GeneralAlexandrine Clérisseau
Military age17
Available for
military service
2,400,000, age 17-45 (2016 estimate)
Reaching military
age annually
560,000 (2016 estimate)
Active personnel195,000
Reserve personnel600,000
Percent of GDP2.6%
Foreign suppliersGranzery, Acronia

The Acerrian Republican Armed Forces (ARAF) (Acronian: Forces Armées Républicaines Acérriennes (FARA)) are the military forces of the Acerrian Republic. They consist of the Acerrian Republican Army, Acerrian Republican Navy, and the Acerrian Republican Air Corps. The Acerrian Republican Armed Forces provide the Republic with combatant and non-combatant capabilities in both domestic and international environments. Constitutionally, the ARAF is responsible for 'crisis and military response as is deemed fit by the Consul and Council of the Acerrian Republic'.

The army is headed by the elected Consul, currently Grégoire Michaux, who exercises supreme authority over the Armed Forces but must receive approval from the Republican Council for some actions. The highest civilian authority directly overseeing the Armed Forces is the Minister of Defense, currently Timothé Beaulieu. The highest military authority is known as the Chief General, who is appointed by the Consul and approved by the Republican Council.




The Acerrian Republican Armed Forces is divided into three primary combatant branches:

Acerrian Republican Army (ARA)[edit]

The Acerrrian Republican Army (Acronian: Armée Républicaine Acérrienne (ARA)) is the ground warfare component of the ARAF. The army is the most significant component in terms of both manpower and funding. The Army is responsible primarily for maneuver land warfare, peacekeeping, engineering, disaster response, humanitarian, special operations and enforcement duties where it is deployed. The Army relies on the Navy and Air Corps for strategic transport assets, but hosts its own tactical aircraft in the form of utility and attack helicopters, and maritime craft in the form of some riverine patrol and special purpose craft.

Acerrian Republican Navy (ARN)[edit]

The Acerrian Republican Navy (Acronian: Marine Républicaine Acérrienne (MRA)) is the maritime warfare component of the ARAF. The Navy provides blue and green water combat capability and features both rotarywing and fixed-wing, land-based assets. The Navy is capable of defensive and limited expeditionary warfare.

Acerrian Republican Naval Troops (ARNT)[edit]

The Acerrian Republican Naval Troops (Acronian: Troupes Navales Républicaines Acérrienne (TNRA)) is a sub-branch of the ARN, which is the dedicated amphibious warfare component of the ARAF. The Naval Troops are considered commando units and also offer internal special forces capabilities.

Acerrian Republican Air Corps (ARAC)[edit]

The Acerrian Republican Air Corps (Acronian: Corps Aérien Républicain Acérrienne (CARA)) is the air warfare branch of the ARAF. The ARAC provides air superiority, ground attack, strategic attack, maritime strike, interdiction, tactical and strategic airlift, combat search and rescue, electronics intelligence and limited special operations capabilities. The ARAC consists of mostly fixed-wing aircraft but carries some helicopters for logistics and special operations.


Command organization[edit]

The Astronean Armed Forces are split into "Command Groups" serving each of the four administrative regions of the country. There is a Command Group in every region, each representing the joint command staff and headquarters responsible for organizing the forces under their command. The head of state is the head of the Armed Forces, they are the Commander-in-Chief, the president of Astronea, currently Nikolas Detrom. Together with the Defence Secretary, the President makes the majority of decisions regarding the use of the armed forces.

The Defence Directorate is the Government department and highest level of headquarters of the military, charged with formulating and executing defence policy. The department is controlled by the Defence Secretary.

The Joint Strategic Command Staff is the combined most senior leadership of each branch of the AAF, and is chaired by the Field Marshal of the Astronean Armed Forces, currently Atrus O'Hare. The JSCF are responsible for executing the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, directed by the Field Marshal. Collectively, they make up the highest level of command of the entire armed forces.

The Main Intelligence Directorate is the intelligence arm of the military, responsible for obtaining, handling and processing all military intelligence, coordinating surveillance, reconnaissance and advising the Joint Strategic Command Staff on developing situations. They are the direct handlers of the Asymmetric Warfare Detachment, although the AWD is subordinate to Special Operations Command.

Special Operations Command is the arm of the JSCS responsible for conducting and organizing Special Operations Forces of the AAF.

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