Acerrian Republican Air Corps

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Multiservice plane designation Primary Designator- can also be used as a secondary designator if plane fills both roles C- Chase- Fighter/ Multirole A- Attaque- Attack T- Transport- Cargo D- Drone- Unmanned H- Helicoptere- Helicopter B- Bombardier- Bomber (not in use) E- Entraînement- training aircraft Secondary Designator- only be assigned as a secondary designator R- Reconnaissance- Surveillance/ Reconnaissance V- Ravitaillement- Aerial refueling E- Electronique- Electronics warfare/ AWACS U- Utilitare- Utility S- Spécial- Special Forces usage P- Personnalité- VIP transport D- Délivrer- C/SAR capable

Acerrian Republican Air Corps[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Comment
Fighter aircraft
Lansiere C-20 ''Panter'' Eurofighter-NellisAFB-2008.jpg  Acerria
Multirole Fighter C-20 164
Vertega C-10KKU US Navy 071203-N-8923M-074 An F-A-18F Super Hornet, from the Red Rippers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11, makes a sharp turn above the flight deck aboard the Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman.jpg  Granzery Multirole Fighter C-10KKU 62
Attack aircraft
Lansiere A-198 ''Pèlerin'' VAK 191.jpg  Acerria Attack/ Limited Multirole EA-198D 5 In use for conversion training and aerial demonstrations. Will be retired in 2020 for ARAC.
Transport aircraft
Vertega TU-96 Titan A400M-1969.jpg  Granzery Strategic Transport 33
Nakajima TP-65 Widerøe, LN-WEA, Embraer E190-E2 @ HEL.jpg  Chilokver VIP Transport 3
Lansiere TU-31 Do328.jpg  Acerria Utility/Tactical Transport TBA 44
Lansiere TP-119 Légat Pilatus PC-24, P01, HB-VXA (18743050229) (cropped).jpg  Acerria VIP Transport 12
Special-mission aircraft
Lansiere TE-43 Crécerelle Aeronaves Ágata 7 - FAB - EMB145 Erieye.jpg  Acerria Airborne Early Warning & Control TE-43D 8 AWACS aircraft
CE-10K Orage U.S. Navy EA-18G Growler breaks away from a U.S. Air Force KC-135 (altered).jpg  Granzery Electronics Warfare/SEAD 13
Nakajima TV-63 Widerøe, LN-WEA, Embraer E190-E2 @ HEL.jpg  Chilokver
In-air refueling 8
Training aircraft
Coureuse E-24 Conseiller Pc-21.jpg  Acerria Initial aircraft trainer 75
SdAR-DA ET-33 Pèlerin ZH002 Britten-Norman Defender AL 2 British Armys 651 Sqdn landing at RAF Waddington (cropped).jpg  Odentia Multi-engine/ transport trainer 12
SdAR-DA E-44 Savant Ta4su.jpg  Odentia
Jet Trainer 31
Beniveu HE-34 Perroquet Md500.jpg  Acerria Primary helicopter trainer, converted verson of Beniveu HU-34 16
Jument HU-12 Hirondelle
HS-12C Noir Hirondelle
HD-12F Hirondelle
HP-12E Blanche Hirondelle
Notactuallyauh60.jpg  Acerria Medium Utility/ SOF/ CSAR/ VIP transport helicopter HU-12
Beniveu HU-34 Perroquet Mh-6.jpg  Acerria Light Utility Helicopter 55